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Insects, play Rock music, and Country music also fuse Rock and Country music. Also, blues country, Be sure and check out Jr Moregoth.
JR Moregoth welcomes you.
On Ripper and Red hot I played my Ibanez Talon acoustic thru a line six pod. I use Dean Markly extra slinky on all my guitars. I use different tune styles on all my guitars. For example, Lately I have tuned to my Harley, besides, e or e# and tuning the e string to middle c on the piano or c#, drop d tune, sometimes I tune by ear to whatever sounds good. Twilight Madness video I played the New York pawn shop Guitar that I hot rodded and played thru a intelligent pitch shift and line six amp. Playing all the Insects collection brings joy to your ears. Moreover, seeing the picture collection at the bottom of this page helps pass the time on one of those days. You can watch all the Insects videos by pushing the video button on the top left hand corner of this page. Attention: Everyone Insects and sound-click do not advocate the use of Psychoactive drugs, but you can watch the video instead. You can download singles from the Sound-click Music store,so just click the store link to the right under the navigation and you can download any single you like. Listen to the Insects song hit list for free, so just use the music link to Your top right to click thru to the free player.
Band/artist history
Band line up is Jr Moregoth on vocals, guitars, drums, and keys.
What equipment do you use?
I use, Fender , Gibson, Alverez, Jackson, Ibanez, electro harmonix, line six,marshall, crate, yamaha, behringer, mackey and to many other brands to mention here.
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