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Johnni Boi
Johnni Boi
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Ask Johnni Boi to describe his style and he'll tell you that its a Midwest style flow with a dirty south kinda bounce. How is this u ask, Because he is a prodigy of both. Born and raised in E. St. Louis this young MC had no choice but to submerge himself into St. Louis rappers like Nelly. From his E. St. Louis kin he learned everything from putting together 16 bars to ad-libs. As a teen he would steal his brothers rhymes and rewrite them, making them his own. His cousin, E. St. Louis rapper Kleva, helped him tone his lyrical skills and on his own he studyed words & Beats from Nas to Dr. Dre. But a recent move to Memphis opened his ears to another sound. Here he absorbed everything from crunk to the likes of 3-6 Mafia, 8 Ball/MJG & Playa Fly. Add all that to the heart of a street hustla and you'll find someone who wont stop, even after the checks are cashed. Johnni boi has spent yrs studying the game and honing his skills and with the recent releases of "Polo's & Shell Toez", a club bangin b-boy hit & "Get Buck" a memphis anthem gauranteed to move the true thugs, he proves himself to not only to be a student but a professor of the game in whole. Johnnie Boi featuring mega lyricist and brother G-Stax, gives you hot catchy hooks, dope beats ready made for your favorite club and ny style lyrics that will have you stand up and take notice.
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