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Danny Otero
Danny Otero
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young and talented
anotha banga
I'm a young artist/producer/d.j. I make beats more than i rap but i'm nasty at both I started makin beats and rapping in 6th grade. 1 of my 6th grade teachers (Mr. Maduli) was a d.j. (dj d-madness) and he introduced me to hip-hop. after making my first rap song i continued my passion for the music and i still am making it today. I also dj at some of my school dances and during lunch every day.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
i perform sometimes at a place called AS2twenty in providence RI. perfoming to me is like my favorite part of making a song.
Your musical influences
my mom John Clements newport boys and girls club DRINO MAN & MR. SUAVE my boy spyda a.k.a rahman vages both my brothers ricky and marcus SWizz Beats Kanye West Just Blaze Alchemist ........and mad more
What equipment do you use?
i Use Protools to record songs and produce and i use Reason to make my beats
Anything else?
I sell beats to people that are interested in BUYING good beats. I don't give beats to people for free. i can make "gangsta rap" beats , R&B beats, reggaeton beats, club bangas are my favorite and i can also make rock beats believe it or not.....jus hit me up and i'll make u 1 of any of the beats above.............and depending on the beat i'll tell you the $price$.....