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Drama Asylum
Drama Asylum
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depeche, sisters, goth ,industrial ,nin ,young gods,cure,incubus,manson,
Time to cry
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DRAMA ASYLUM, were formed in the summer of 1990,by two disenchanted dreamers. Who just happened to have a fondness for the SISTERS OF MERCY, and also a love of 70s Glam and progressive rock.Especially bands like Queen and led Zeppelin. Add to this a singer with a love of the CURE and DEPECHE MODE, plus anything dark and electronic and you have the basis, for what turned out to be a 15-year roller-coaster ride. Of high and low times.Drama asylums material progressed or regressed (depending on your point of view), as every new recording became available. And even though they had many different influences they always managed to sound just like the drama asylum. (Which usually meant taking music and spoken word samples from the most unlikely sources. The band was also commissioned to write two music scores, the first was a dark journey into the realms of science fiction. And the second one was, a dark musical score loosely based on Bram Stokers novel Dracula) At this precise moment in time, their are plans for a new Drama Asylum material .which will be released in late 2007/early 2008. With some Live dates due in the spring of 2007. they do have an extensive back catalogue, some of which is still available for FREE download. will asylum SOLO MATERIAL can also be found on his "my space" site. Marcus Grimm's new project is called darkQUEEN
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