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German rap, Hip Hop, underground Label, gangta, crunk, street style, NBG, Nürnberg, Nuernberg, MOR MC, Payne, Seravim, G-SAS
"CRU NBG" is not only the name of our crew, the term represents an Underground label and a whole movement, as well. At present, CRU NBG has 4 artists. Payne and Seravim which have established and supported the "CRU-thang" since its very beginning, Al Capone and MOR MC who has joined the movement a few months later. There is to say that these four acts are the main acts, only. Furthermore, Cru style is represented through various feature artists,like 904, J Kapone, Habescha, Gen and many more and is being heard by a wide fanbase in Nürnberg, also known as NBG...
Band/artist history
The "CRU movement was established in 2004 by the members Payne, Seravim and Capone. They did a couple of records with very bad equipment, but you could already see that they were very talented and rap really was their passion. A few months later, by the ending of the year 2004 MOR MC joined the clique. He has oriented by the style and the experiences of the other CRU member at first, but developed his own style and sound very quick in the following months. The recording went on and the artists made huge progress in their rap skills, as well, as in their technical know how. By the way, big props to B(ig) Jurn, the CRU's sound engineer since 2005, who has helped us a lot and made a couple of fuckin' hot productions. Equipment improved, as well, and sound got hotter and hotter.... Nobody exactly knows where the CRU way will go, but everyone is quite sure that CRU will be soon on top of german RAP...........
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play in small clubs, in general. You can book us, just look for the contact. We would like to play with other acts in foreign cities, as well, if their style is connected to our own one.
Your musical influences
Most influenced by fat beats and our own way of life. Bang our shit and you'll hear what the influences are.......
What equipment do you use?
Pro Tools / Mbox - The rest is company secret!
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