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Bat's Brew
Bat's Brew
robert gilliland: writing/arrangement/performance/vocals/engineering/production. Signed to: Independent Label Planet Records in 2006. Signed to: Gonzo's Garage Records in 2008.
Tell me about your history? How did you get where you are now?
RFG: 6 years of full time road work with top 40 and rock cover bands, original music writing and recording for a long time now.
Have you performed live in front of an audience? Any special memories?
i'm in SL.UT dig it here, the mountains and desert are sweet.
Your musical influences
first influences were classical pianists, like chopin and beethoven. Then, the Beatles. then came zeppelin and page... boston.... Queen... Jeff Beck..... then the fusion era, with Holdsworth, DiMeola and Brand X (john goodsall) leading the way. after that, it's everything from Tool to Keith Richards.
What equipment do you use?
custom guitars, Mesa amps, Avatar, Demeter and Roland cabinets, Celestion speakers, Barber, Fulltone and Budda pedals.