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I like lush sounds crisp hihats gritty drums fat synth bass wobbly low end and over all unique indiviual sounds...
heedMattik= seattle producer, co-founder of Numeriklab, working on various styles of music for numerous projects such as Music for Film/TV, video game sound design/soundtracks, beats for myself and other artist.
Band/artist history
Numeriklab is a creative collective of producers and artists. In 2003 co-founders m.0, Matt, and Neil wrote and produced the Main Title for the CBS hit show NCIS (Tuesdays @ 8:00PM). Numeriklab has also worked on a variety of video games for PC and XBox360. Visit numeriklab.com for more info... Numeriklab combined professional experience, creativity and great overall production skills to get a perfect mix for our EP. Not only did they get a great sounding mix, but their talent also improved the overall sound past anything we thought possible. Throughout the sessions the guys kept an amazing positive attitude and made it easily the best experience in the studio that we have ever had. There is no question that our mixes will always be done with Numeriklab. Ryan Bukstein 1/2 of Colt Vista If you need the most organic, feel good recording environment to create your musical masterpiece the guys at Numeriklab deliver. A pro setting, helpful feedback and positive attitude make working with these professionals a genuine pleasure. Your expectations will be exceeded. Jess Gaedtke Artist Owner Blue Sea "Numeriklab has created a memorable and immediately identifiable theme for our new show Navy NCIS, exactly what the Executive Producer was looking for. Thanks guys!" David Grossman Senior Vice President, TV Music Paramount Pictures Regarding "Belly": "Sleazy crime show underscore. Visions of sweaty drug dealers driving through city streets looking for action. Modern and slick." Sam Diaz Manager of TV Music Paramount Pictures We were very impressed with Numeriklab's ability to move quickly on our project, Sportball Challenge" that needed additional sound effects in a very short amount of time. Numeriklab exceeded our expectations by delivering great audio for our game ahead of our already tight schedule." Brian Goble President HipSoft LLC "Numeriklab is a pro operation. They commit, then they deliver more than you dreamed possible. They are masterful beat makers and groove-meisters who also understand the crazy mystery of conjuring up a catchy melody." Sue Ennis Multi-Platinum Songwriter Heart, Lovemongers, feature films "Numeriklab has been overseeing recording and mastering of my projects for a number of years now. The skills and talent they bring to the table have been unmatched by anyone else I've encountered. Add that to friendly studio relationship and dedication to both the client and project and you see the reason I don't take my audio jobs anywhere else. Thanks guys!" Zack Prucha Four Color Kids
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I DJ from time to time for Art openings and private parties, but Im not in the DJ circuit anymore due to my production volume.When My Album comes out next month I plan on putting a live show on to promote it! I luv it! Special moments-- house parties on Summit in Cap. Hill 2002-2005 were amazingly fun!!
Your musical influences
Music Technology, drum programming, making beats, playing trumpet, production/remixes etc etc..
What equipment do you use?
Fast Macs with Logic pro7, live, reason, Mackie, Yamaha, Motu, DBX, Lexicon, Access Virus, Drum kit, Trumpet, Hand percussion, AKG, Shure, Audio technics, Neumann (i wish), M-audio, Sony, E-mu, Focusrite, and Apogee (i wish again)
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