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Mark Adamczyk Group
Mark Adamczyk Group
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Pretty eclectic, as well as just pretty. We do whatever comes to mind. Sometimes we rock out; other times, we, um, jazz out. All over the map, sometimes without
Hi, I'm Jay J. Smurch, manager for the band. What do you mean, which band? THIS band, the Mark Adamskiczyk (or however he spells it--what do I look like, a dictionery?) Group. Let me introduce you to the Group. Over here on my left is Blanche. Blanche, say hi to--I'm sorry I didn't catch your name. Oh. Okay, this is Blanche. On her left is Messalina who is holding a screwdriver, although she doesn't really play one. Next over is Alvin, who is our newest member. See, he is still wearing his price tag. (Caveat Emptor) And lastly is, uh, where's Renaldo? Late again? Jeepers! Well, you'll just have to imagine what Renaldo looks like. His loss.
Band/artist history
We're new at this so we have no history yet. We _could_ have just made up a history about ourselves, but we take this interview _way_ too seriously to do that. Anyway, like everyone else, we're here to make history, not repeat it! When we DO have some history worth reciting, trust us, you'll be the first to know.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Well, yes, we do. Darn proud of it, too. Even if it's only as music teachers and occasional gigs at the park district. Hey, even Jagger started small. (7 lbs, 6 oz. if memory serves) Anyway, when we do play out, we'll keep you posted, but be advised we'll probably start late--thanks to Renaldo!
Your musical influences
We're partial to melodies and to melodious partials. To taking a tune and running with it, often with the pedagogy cops in hot pursuit. Punting the contrapuntal, that's our motto.
What equipment do you use?
Besides the screwdriver Messalina is holding, you mean? Let's see...Comb and tissue paper, tambourine if really necessary, playing cards. Our motto, more or less, is 'less is more'. Oh, and something called Sonar, more or less since before it was called Sonar. (That zennish comment is for all you old-time Sonar users. You know what I'm babbling about.)
Anything else?
Thanks for giving us a listen. Your time is valuable, you spent some of it with us. Gosh, thanks again.
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