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Alexander Aruca
Alexander Aruca
Harrisburg, PA  USA
February 05, 2007
80,985 plays
There is no band, I do it all on my own. My music is a guitar driven sound. Kind of what I like to call In Your Face Rock. I love to play & hope others will enjoy it as well.
Band/artist history
Self taught, my love for music drove me to develop my abilities. I spend a lot of time in my studio, where I write & record my material as well as projects that I produce. These projects include; Aruca (Rock), B.K. Wilhelm (Commercial Rock), & Drunk Monkey (Rock). I have played in bands & worked in studios from N.Y C. to San Francisco. My learning process evolved from working with Producers such as Ashley Howe, (Motor Head) and Glen Klodkin, (Joan Jet). Through the years I have dealt with top executives & representatives of the music industry.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Many, many, times.
Your musical influences
Mostly anyone who has been an innovator at their craft. It's not so much the music style as it is the presentation of ideas.
What equipment do you use?
I play B.C. Rich, Gibson, Hammer & Fender guitars & run through a Marshall.
Anything else?
"Heart & Soul", is my first release. Lots of hot guitar licks & strong melodic vocals with three & four part harmonies. The second is "Dream Walker". Heavier, this CD promises to rock your world. The 3rd will be "Ring Master" a more progressive song collection, due out at the end of 2020.
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