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BucketHat Bobby
BucketHat Bobby
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Wacky, Zany, goofy, suspenders, alternative, polka, rock, avant-guarde, experimental,
In a small villiage on an Island off the coast of eastern Canada, there's a kid trying to play rock music on accordions and Ukuleles. Just when you think it can't get any worse, you find out that this kid is "BucketHat" Bobby.
Band/artist history
One day, a man asked God: "Why do you hate me so?" to which God responded: "No thank you, I'd rather Potato Chips" This confused the man to the extent that he ended up driving off of a cliff into the water. Little did he know that the ocean he drove the car into was filled with angry, vicious, Jackalopes. The man was eaten, and one of the Jackalopes stole his shirt. The Jackalope then sold the shirt to a sheep for $5 Canadian which the sheep made by dancing on streetcorners. Days later, the Clothed lamb was hopping along the street, and jumped in front of a truck that happened to be carrying BucketHats and Suspenders. The Driver, who'se name was either Randy or Marty, Swerved off of the road, and off of the same cliff. The truck then landed on top of a boat, captained by a man named either Marty or Randy, that was hauling Accordions and Guitars. The explosion was tremendous, and it produced a being so Awesome, that we could only name it "Bobby". Bobby got out of the explosion with grace, and saved Marty or Randy and Randy or Marty in the Process. Now he makes Music.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Very seldom. For friends, open Mics, and that kind of thing. I, however, LOVE performing live, so book me, please.
Your musical influences
Well, currently, and for quite a while, I've been deep into They Might Be Giants. They'd be the biggest influence on me, but I also like to take a bit of Ska influence with my music, though it may not be heard very well. Other major influences include Barenaked Ladies, Lemon Demon, The Beatles, The Aquabats, The Suburban Legends, Gogol Bordello, Michael Leviton, and Jonathan Coulton.
What equipment do you use?
a good old Odyssia Accoustic Guitar was my first instrument, then came the 120 Bass accordion and the Epiphone electric. I play a borrowed (out of date) Yamaha keyboard, and a baritone Ukulele. I recently rigged my computor to act as a mock-amp with some less-than-professional household items, but as soon as possible, I'm gonna try to hook myself up more professionally. I also mix synthesized drum loops and whatnot to make it all sound... fuller.
Anything else?
I've got a little problem i like to call "Writers constipation". It's like writer's block, only it lasts longer. You know it's there, and trying to get out. you can sit therefor hours, but it won't come. You only manage to hurt yourself. Then, out of no-where, a little comes, but when you step back to gaze upon the product of your hard work, you realize it's just a pile of worthless, insignificant shit.
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