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all vague notions must fall before a pupil can call himself a master...rahn
Rahn has been experimenting with variations of sound and velocity of music. On rainy days, he would grab his hand-me-down General Electric organ and electric-blue Fisher-Price record player and simultaneously play notes while spinning Peter and the Wolf, a Burl Ives storybook album, or a 12.. of ..Hey Jude... Growing up in an artistic, scientific, and musical household, he was inspired to become a ..whole-minded.. individual, taking into consideration all aspects of ..being.. in order to create Self. While obtaining an undergraduate degree in biology and secondary education in the early 90..s, Rahn dug deeper within his musical roots and toyed with a used ASR-10 with a few local homeboys in St. Louis. He unfurled new license to become a creative force in the world of alternative and artistic hip hop. To Rahn, St. Louis has, and always will be ..a disconnected organism barely operating on a negative feedback loop... ..Under-stimulated.. and frustrated with the various negative aspects of a self-contained Midwest city, Rahn relocated to Brooklyn in ..97 to expand upon the culinary and mixed media arts. While shifting from borough-to-borough, job-to-job, artistic genre-to-artistic genre, he realized that all artistic forces are connected and began to fuse his various artistic talents under one umbrella .. a synergistic artistic experience. Rahn has recently relocated to San Francisco early in 2006, and is now building up steam to create an all-sensory inclusive art exhibit that includes music, video, mixed media, culinary stimulation, and temperature. He is currently a freelance science education author, and full-time artist exploring Self and his connection to the natural forces of the universe. Philosophically, he feels that there are several individual artists and groupings of artists, humanitarians, and scientists that hold a specific place in the imprinting of his musical ..ether... Yet, there is no one human individual or grouping of such that has motivated his composed creations. There is no one individual or grouping that will hold such honor to be dubbed as influential in the thought process that is relative to the tracks produced. Music should be released in an utmost raw form, and is yielded from what has seeped from the mind at one particular time period. Music is healing indeed, and is a gift from the absolute universal flow...so...Rahn exists within that flow.
Band/artist history
...and with witty words he created an illusion far greater than the techniques that shaded left him jaded realized the stages of withered wages - just a thought witty words of despair transition within this institution the truth in this nation's factions defragmented notions and the potion of the needy the gradient of this pace has replaced the industry of change itself as i revel in the words that i lay the fate of these verses... words and lyrical turds that i produce lays truth on the astute acute to realities twist...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
never played live in regards to my current musical status. i performed a few hip hop tracks in St. Louis during a younger and less developed stage.
Your musical influences
bjork, sneaker pimps, radiohead, st├ęphane Pompougnac, fila brazillia, Franz Liszt, tricky, aphex twin, digable planets, just-ice, prince, jagjit singh, dj shadow, rza, zero 7, propellerheads, tv on the radio, boards of canada, air, david bowie, portishead, rakim, NIN, andrea parker, jethro tull, old dirty bastard, the beatles, all good frickin' bluegrass, fiona apple, stereolab, gotan project, massive attack, hendrix, cobain, marvin gaye, stevie wonder, the beatles, ghazal, kraftwerk, yann tierson, led zepplin, leadbelly, chopin
What equipment do you use?
ASR-10, Logic, Reason, M-Audio
Anything else?
"be accessible to adaptation, redundant with change"