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abiding by twelve
abiding by twelve
Bloomington, IL  USA
February 02, 2007
1,003 plays
Kyle Yap (me), the lead singer of the band Stereo Dreams has a solo project and this is it. is all the music that either wasn't chosen by or I just didn't think it would fit as a full band orchestration (although I have been wrong before). All of these songs are usually pretty mellow considering that I record all these songs really late at night usually from 11p-4a mostly just because iI have a messed up sleep schedule. all the songs are straight forward with generally one guitar and a vocal track or two for harmonies, although some may have a couple different things added on as well.
Band/artist history
started january of 2007 from a compilation of old songs and recording mixed in with brand spanking new stuff as well
Have you performed in front of an audience?
not yet but maybe someday
Your musical influences
shoegaze to me always sounded like a cool genre , but unfortunately, I don't use hundreds of guitar amps and none of the songs are a wall of sound like a normal characteristic of shoegaze but i think this is what shoegaze at the core, mellow songs with melody and then you cover it up with distortion
What equipment do you use?
pro tools with cheap mics, a pen and paper, and whatever guitar i have closest to me
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