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Crazy Marvin
Crazy Marvin
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Blues Injection
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CRAZY MARVIN a.k.a Marvin Braxton, is the leader and harmonica player extrordinaire for the "BLUES EXPRESS BAND". His zany personality, wild imagination,uncontollable musical ability,on-stage antics and costumes have made him a well loved character to blues lovers all over Northeast Ohio an beyond. Marvin has performed in Harlem at the Apollo Theater with Ray Charles, toured the country with Sly and the Family Stone, and recorded with Jimi Hendrix in Los Angeles. These days you can find him dancin' on top of the tables in all the blues clubs around the greater Cleveland area.
Band/artist history
Crazy Marvin's band, "THE BLUES EXPRESS", is one of the hottest blues band around. Blues fans everywhere say "These guys make me want to get up and dance and shake in places I never knew I had. They really smoke"
Anything else?
Crazy Marvin has that special ability to turn a roomful of people into a party, where everybody is smilin' and having a good time. "Playin' good blues make me want to holler !!" says Marvin, and he and the band intends to keep hollerin' and goin' strong playin good blues for many years to come ! ...... Catch "Crazy Marvin and the Blues Express" show now and do some hollerin' yourself.