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DarK WulF
DarK WulF
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DarK WulF a dark twisted mix of horror core hyphy hip hop jus straight rappin grindin makin beats tryin to fly kinda goth kinda thug kinda waky kinda mental im
What up
Band/artist history
it all started one gloomy day in the month of may where i got the prograhms to make my jams an said yo what the fuck lets try this and i pluged a mic in and let the spit begin the first blurt was just bizerk giberish and profain spurt that i loaded up and tried out and with out a doubt it was a sin but then i sat at word pad while i let the gears spin and i joted a bust down an i laid it down on the track an i sat back put the beats to it and it sucked i thought to my self well that was fucked but i tried again and i tried some more an i got the flow and i made tracks fast as fast and then at last i metamorphisized to the animal you see before you and if your a fan than i adore you and if you hate ill blow ya brain wit mag of nikle plate DarK WulF's steped up to the plate beyatch you see after i tried to get in bands with dumb kids for a long time always failing always falling through i gave up and said fuck you to my dreams of music and mayham but then i met the maestro man and he told me about the prograhms and i found em and started to learn and boom i went solo and had way more sucsess than ever before and now ive opend a door and then i hope i can get a foot in and take a spin on the wiked ride whear i shoulda been allalong in my mind as i try to find my self whear i wanna be cuz livin aint free and i need the love of the fans so yall be stuck wit me till i get what i want cee
Have you performed in front of an audience?
i dont play live id like to
Your musical influences
techno, trance, gothic, industrial, metal, hip hop, horror core, my insanitey! bands and peeps slipknot, adema, korn, disturbed, icp, eminem, ice cube, weezy there are so many
What equipment do you use?
my mic, my mind, and my comp among other things.
Anything else?
get sparked by the dark wulf peace out
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