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Blain Landway
Blain Landway
7 Tracks
The hip new kid on the block!
New and excited. Young and Hip. Trying, like I'm sure everyone is to bring something new to a stagnating genre, Blain is using a mix of sampling and his own works to create a slightly jazzier pop sound. Turning down the R&B and hip hop and turning up the smooth, hip, almost jazzy Boy Band sound. With a knowledge and appreciation of everything from Classical and Jazz to the most modern Rock, Blain is willing and able to try anything.
Band/artist history
It was back in 2006 when he wrote his first song, the simple synth sounds of "Walked on Past You". The few people who ever heard it liked it, but more Blain found a new way to express his most inner passions and ideas. Time passed until inspiration struck again and, forgetting about his previous work as he found it childish and weak, he began the taxing process of recording his debut EP "Letters to a Jean Jacket". He is aspiring for a 5 or 6 song release with the possibility of a music video or two aswell.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
He sometimes sings on the bus and on the street. Sometimes in phone booths when it rains. On occasion he has been known to croon to a small and intimate group.
Your musical influences
Sigur Ros, Erik Satie, Franz Ferdinand, Justin Timberlake, Modest Mouse, Miles Davis, Stan Getz, and of course Mozart.
What equipment do you use?
What ever is most inspiring at the time.
Anything else?
Blain's one dream in life is to find the perfect replacement for his old Jean jacket which he loves so dearly. Its on its last legs and is too fragile to wear. It will be missed.
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