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Bass Solo, Han Solo, Sessionist, Musician, Wyrlo, San Jose, Tekpihan
I am Wyrlo, I play the Bass. I stay on F-CLEF but often stray to G-CLEF. I am one of those musicians that want to be remembered for a very long time. I want to get "there" at the top.. It's not about the money, it is the purpose that binds all living things, the harmony that keeps the peace.. War will always come but expect MUSIC to overcome it..
Band/artist history
I come from the bloodline of the ESQUIVIAS CLAN-- the genius gene, which I inherited from my grandfather in mi madre's side.. It really did it's part for me, though it doesn't clearly manifest outside.. Combined with my aunt leaving me in the crib when I was a baby, and playing some 80's music like Lionel Ritchie, Sting, has triggered my musical prowess. Since I was a kid, I loved singing. And when I was in 4th grade, joined the Ateneo Boys Choir, the best all-boys-choir in the Motherland.. Highschool, I became a vocalist of a band called "BLIND CORNER".. Then I got exposed to the real world: working student, psychedelics, dissociatives, uppers, downers, hallucinogens, FUSION.. After that, my mind became as open as an open book. Recently, I met one of the great poets of our time, Roberto Tinoco Duran, from San Jose, CA. Now, I play bass for him.. Because no one seems to want a 21year old Filipino Bass Player. So I saw this small paper posted on the bulletin board at Guitar Center Stevens Creek. A drummer looking for musicians. When I answered the ad, I almost didn't make it to the jamming session but luckily i did. As it turns out, these were the real musicians in San Jose.. I mean, the Mother Load. You have the twins, Jack and Joe, some guy named benjamin who gets nervous if the arrangement was practiced and there were some other guys that I didn't know of. And they were either in their late-40's or mid-50's.. about 20years older than me.. I am the youngest but since I haven't played for a year, I got overwhelmed and pushed them into Jamming until 2oclock in the morning. I think they enjoyed it too.. Anyway, much to say but I gotta rush. FIY, this story happened January 10, 2007.. After the passing of the late Joe Aldana, I've been playing with his twin brother, Jack when I have the chance..
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes I do play live.. I used to be a Bassist for a Reggae band and I also play Bass for the Church. I do sessions with other musicians too. I prefer the older more experienced ones so I can surely learn something new. I LOVE PLAYING. EVERY MOMENT IS SPECIAL?
Your musical influences
Jaco Pastorius, 80's Music, Fusion, reggae, techno, trance, grand canyon, satriani, classical, RAP, any sound that can be a "last-song-syndrome"
What equipment do you use?
Ibanez SR300DX Soundgear - modified Fretless
Anything else?
Mi pipa Y respeto
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