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Rob Crosz
Rob Crosz
3 Tracks
This will get your body movin', weather its in a mosh pit or in a darkin shadow pulling your girl close. M.y E.nemy will get your blood pumping & a smile on you
SUmTHanG 2 mAKe YoU MOvE!!!!!!!!!! That is what I say when people ask, what kinda music I play. M.y E.nemy is the sound in ROCK that makes ya wanna move your feet. A one man band with a constant flow of characters on stage. From the dancers to other musicians and all in-between whos to say what will be next. I created M.y E.nemy for the simplicity of it, a rhythm section of one mind going in one direction & by not being obligated to a band I have the opportunity to work with whomever I would like. The songs compiled here are from the first of many M.E. CDs. One of which BOUT CHA RIDE was especially recorded for the upcoming release of the Futuristic world of TALENTZVILLE.COM. Another song witch is a personal favorite is DARKIN EYES Think twice B4 turning it up! This song jams and it may sound kinda evil but the last laugh is for me, cause this song is about my faithful old dog. After you download the song PROMISE I am asking for your help in flooding the airwaves with it, call your radio station Demand they play it then tell all your friends & family, get them to check M.y E.nemy out!!! As Uncle Sam would say, I NEED YOU! Without people stopping by and spreading the word. I will hafta work in some old dusty warehouse & I dont think any of us want that! So, who am I? Why Im Rob Crosz and I love to make music as well as entertaining people. I have been on stage my whole life & you never know where I may turn up from the animated scenes in Talentzville to down town ATL. I also love the big screen & would like to appear there one day as well. I just want 2 say Thanks for checking M.y E.nemy out!
Band/artist history
I got bored & started makin' music
Have you performed in front of an audience?
PLAYIN' LIVE IS THE BEST!!! There is nothin like being on stage & touching people for that moment in time.
Your musical influences
Marilyn Manson, Prince, Rob Zombie, Beethoven, Misfits
What equipment do you use?
B.C.Rich, Custom fretless Bass's Sure wireless Mic Crate amp Peavy PA Zoom MRT3 Rythum track & Korg FX
Anything else?
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