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Depth By Soul
Depth By Soul
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Depth By Soul, or better known as DBS, is a Hip-Hop, Rap, and R&B group. We have a little bit of the south and north in our music, but it's all eastcoast! Our
DBS was created in 1999, by two artists determined to bring something new to the table of Hip-Hop. Crosse and Scrolls have recently recruited a third member, Stairway, in January of this year, which was like a missing puzzle piece that completed Depth By Soul. They now have thier first demo album, "Footprints", in the works, which they hope will do just that...leave their first footprints on the Hip-Hop industry. Crosse, who's lyrical genius and water like flows have stunned those who have listened to his verses so far (I say so far because, like I said, this group has just begun creating music together for there first demo.) Crosse has been writing and studying the lyrical aspect of Hip-Hop since early 1999. Now, 8 years of perfecting his style and prose of writing and rapping, or what he prefers as "flowing the beat", he has the confidence he needs to become one of the best artists in the game. Scrolls embodies his verses with some of the most remarkable imagery. Lyrical masterpieces with an entanglement of multis and a bit of a Tu-pac like flow make this aritst extremely hard to ignore! His quick writing skill also says alot about the imaginative way his thinking works when creating songs. One half of Depth By Souls rap crew tells all, without even saying the words but simply expressing the vibe through the mic, that he is here to stay and a dominating force. Stairway, the sister of Scrolls, and the missing link. Crosse and Scrolls began to work on what was supposed to be their first demo, but could'nt seem to create catchy enough hooks or choruses to their first track. Stairway agreed to attempt to write and record a chorus and or hook, and 30 minutes into the session, we all knew this was how it is supposed to be. After writing and recording her own choruses on the first two tracks, she expanded herself to sing a short verse in the next track, then proceeded to create a solo which is number one chart material! A very powerful singer/songwriter who brings a very new technique to the table of R&B. If I would have to compare her to a few singers, I would have to say a mix of Enya, Evanescence, with a strong Hip-Hop element. Strange huh?
Band/artist history
You are seeing and listening to our band history as it unfolds! We are currently working on our first demo album project, "Footprints".
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not at the moment
Your musical influences
Many rappers who actually care about the lyrical aspect of Hip-Hop music. Although, some other artists from other genres have influenced us as well. Here's a list of all our influences: Tu-Pac, Biggie (OF COURSE!), Eminem, Canibus, Big-Pun, The Game, Wu-Tang, and almost all underground artists such as Jedi Mind Tricks, Chino XL, Arsonists, and too many more to even name! Some influences off genre would have to be Enya, Evanescence,(Stairways off genre influences ;) lol) Staind, Nickleback...
What equipment do you use?
Right at the moment (up until a week from now! BWHAHAHHAHA) we are using a simple 50 dollar radio shack mic, with no closed-back headphones (which is why after mixing and mastering, some distorted bass etc. can be heard and detected), and we are using Magix Music Studio 10 to mix and master. We just ordered the Audio-Technica AT2020 cardioid condenser microphone and the Soundcraft COMPACT 4 Mixer, so you will be hearing the radio quality versions of our songs once they're re-recorded, mixed and mastered!
Anything else?
This was a short interview! lmao
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