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Peter Black
Peter Black
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Peter Black is a siccc crazy lunatic !! This world is siccc , perverted and polluted and thus Peter Black was born from it . Peter Black's Goals are to free society from the mass de-culturalrization that is occuring . We shouldn't have to have a morgage in order to have our own properties . We Shouldn't have to pay crazy amounts of money for food when we can grew food locally ourselves . We shouldn't be having innocent people go to jail and police officers making scandoulous c-pics on people they don't like . The list goes on and on . Peter Black is here for Change !!!!!
Band/artist history
After meeting Step Daddy J and instantly rapping , Peter Black started recording tracks for Tha J Child . This was in Early 2002 . In March.13'2002 , Step Daddy J took Peter Black to Alberta Park . Alberta Park , which is in Central Richmond B.C. , is where J and Duece met and rapped and did a lot of their recording together . Step Daddy J told Duece he was gonna bring Peter Black with him . So J gets a call he has to go to work at the Chevron Gas Station to fill in someone so J calls Duece and tells him he can't make it but Peter Black's still coming . So Peter Black goes to Alberta Road Park with a buggey that has the music equipment and Duece can't believe his eyes . Duece doesn't know what to think . The two smalltalk on their walk to the park and when the recording starts , Duece gets afraid and runs away . Peter Black went back home and told Step the story . Step Daddy J told Duece to apolagise for leaving Peter Black alone but Duece got mad because he wanted to record with J that day . Duece didn't talk to Step for 3 months following that incedent . Jugovich Records release the first Peter Black album " Yah Know What I Mean ? " in May 2002 . Peter's Priemere album had hits like : " Rhymes Galore " and " Funkdafied West Side Pimp Daddy " Peter Black's cousin Nefarious Blue has his first album released on Jugovich Records the following month June 2002 called " Murder In Broadmour 22:22 P.M. " The Song " 3 W Pimpen " did real real good ! In early June 2002 , Duece calls up Step Daddy J who was working Graveyard Shifts at the Chevron Gas Station on Main and Marine Drive and appolagises and asks for forgivess . J Child accepts it and the two are best buds again and Duece accepts Peter Black and they become friends too !! .. . Step Daddy J moved to Alberta in August 2002 and Peter Black came with him . Peter Black's cousin Nefarious Blue came too and so did Step Daddy J's good friend Johnny Juuann ... Tha Jugovich Records crew was in Alberta from August 2002 to December 2004 . We met Medicine Man there and recorded with him . Medicine Man became part of the " BCGZ " Crew . BCGZ is Peter Black's rap group . Step Daddy J , Peter Black , Nefarious Blue , Medicine Man are part of this group . Godfather 2 Tha Sultan Of Broadmour used to be part of this group but he went on doing his own thing after Peter Black's first album was released and was unheard from after . Godfather ( Roman Saffarri ) was a major part of the first release from BCGZ called " Selling Drugz 4 Luvz " which came out October 2002 . Godfather 2 and Step Daddy J recorded a huge hit called " Broadmour " together . Peter Black's sophmore album came out in April 2004 called " Orange Roughy " and had some big hits on it like the songs " Inhale , Exhale " " Set It " " Who R These Guys " " No Reserves " The hit song " No Reserves " features Peter Black's good friend Sudden Furry . Sudden Furry is a cold blond gansta from White Rock Beach B.C. Sudden and Peter Met at Step Daddy J's place in Brooks Alberta and they became inseperable . Sudden and Peter where the best of friends and gave each other yellow helmets so they wouldn't hurt themselves . Some of Peter's fondest memories of Sudden Furry is the time when in July 2003 T-Lok got punched in the face by a fat Brooks Chick and then Sudden Furry and the Fat chick chased T-Lok up the stairs and T-Lok locked himself in Medicine Man's room . T-Lok was crying for help and then T-Lok eventually jumped out the window !! T-Lok then ran for the Greyhound Bus and got the hell outta Alberta !! That was one of the funniest things that ever happened !! - And it's a true story !! We love you Sudden Furry ! Tha whole crew moved back to B.C. in December 2004 . BCGZ released their softmore album " Drug Dealerz " in February 2005 right when they came back to B.C. " P.I.M.P. " was a smash hit !! Peter Black released his third album " The Peter Black Jerk - Off Mix Tape " in June 2006 from Jugovich Records . " Peter Black's Bum Hole " , " Fat Girls Slip N'Slide " , " What I Mean ? " , " Beating Bitches " where the hit singles of Peter's 3 rd Lp . . In the summer of 2006 , Peter Black announced that he would be creating his own record company called : Black Lagoon Records . In 2007 Peter Black worked with parent company Jugovich Records to release a bunch of compilations which featured himself on many tracks In 2008 Peter Black got the logo for Black Lagoon Records which is two giant crows eating food on the ground . . In 2009 , After writing the Album , Peter Black records Black Lagoon with Step Daddy J's Beat Machine and Van Dogg's Pro Tools Computer . The Album is recorded in 2 sessions . One on a Friday Night , the other on a Tuesday Afternoon . On Saturday May.30'2009 on a hot sunny weekend on Vancouver , Peter Black Releases the first single from his 4 th album Black Lagoon on the Internet . The Bumpin ' Thrilla Song is entitled : " So Siccc " . Great song , Peter Tells everyone how siccc he is and can get ! . Peter Black and Duece released their much inticipated album in September 2011 . Together , Duece and Peter are called : " The Sickest " Their debut album " The Sickness Within " is full of tasty horror-core West Coast hitz . 1 st single from " The Sickness Within " is " Daily Basis " . Tight Lyrics and Crazy Flows from Peter and Duece !! . November 2011 : Peter Black's Brand New Album Is Out !!! And It's A Classic !!!! The Name of Peter Black's 5 th Album is : " Black Friday " and it is beyong bomb !! So many tight horror-core songs here for all of ya'll !!! You're Gonna Love It !!! First Single features Duece and is called : " Bangen' Like A Chain " .
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I live everyhwere . In the hood , the bushes , in rich people houses . Anywhere man .
Your musical influences
THE WORLD !! - Life , all the crazy things associated with it .
What equipment do you use?
Step Daddy's Beat Machine . Van Dogg's Pro Tool Computer and Equipment .
Anything else?
The world is siccc and very morbid . It has created me . . Yeah Check out Tha Jugovich Entertainment Umbrella ! : Downlow Records Is In The House and On The Internet : http://dlrecordz.angelfire.com http://www.soundclick.com/downlowrecords http://www.myspace.com/jtherippa http://www.myspace.com/downlowrecordzz http://www.myspace.com/bigduece http://www.myspace.com/sic604 http://www.myspace.com/crazyyk . Check out Step Daddy J and Jugovich Records on the Internet at : . http://www.soundclick.com/stepdaddyj http://www.angelfire.com/bc3/stepdaddy http://www.facebook.com/stepdaddyj http://www.myspace.com/stepdaddyj http://www.bebo.com/stepdaddyj http://www.angelfire.com/bc3/europeanmafia http://www.myspace.com/europeannmafia http://www.angelfire.com/bc3/johnnyjuuann http://www.angelfire.com/bc3/jugovichrecords Also Check out Black Lagoon Records at : http://www.soundclick.com/peterblack http://www.angelfire.com/bc3/peterblack http://www.myspace.com/peterblackk http://www.angelfire.com/bc3/nefariousblue http://www.angelfire.com/bc3/bcgz . Also check out John Danijel Jugovic Radio for the hottest in Urban Music at : . http://www.myspace.com/jdjradio http://jdjradiostation.angelfire.com/ . Check out tha JDJ Beats at : . http://www.soundclick.com/jdjbeats http://www.bebo.com/jdjbeats . . If you need money and or are greedy then get some cash and find a great job at Jugovich Job$ at : http://www.myspace.com/jugovichentertainment .
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