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Steel Temple
Steel Temple
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Heavy Metal with Old School elements, as well as some power and sympho elements with balls and soul
Steel Temple is a heavy metal band from Skopje, Macedonia. The band exists since year 2000. Steel Temple released one album till now called "Searching for Salvation" in 2004. Also, released 3 videos and showed up on 3 CD compilations. The band now is recording the second album called "Nobody's Slaves" which will be released soon...
Band/artist history
The Heavy Metal band STEEL TEMPLE has existed since 2000. It was founded under the name MADE IN MACEDONIA and at the beginning the band played some Hard Rock style with a little oldish sound. Thats how the band existed for about one year. The members of the band at the time were: Vlatko Ilievski - Vocals, Darko Popovski - Keyboards, Deniz Adil - Guitars, Marijan Petrovsk - Bass and Uros Veljkovic - Drums. In that period the band left behind a few gigs in Skopje at the Rock Fest (where the band won the second place from the audience) and took part in some aid concerts and club gigs. When Vlatko, the vocal of the band left, his place was taken by Filip Filipovski, and with his arrival, the band decided to change the style into much Heavier sound. To this day, the same members have played in the band. With these band members STEEL TEMPLE has had a lot of gigs in Skopje on all types of concerts and festivals and some self - organized gigs in clubs. Also, the band has had a lot of gigs around Macedonia, in the cities like Veles, Kumanovo, Kochani, Shtip, Ohrid and Bitola. The first video ever made by the band was back in 2002 for the song "Rock'n'Roll do kraj" or "Rock'n'Roll to the End" which had very good coverage by broadcasting media. In 2003 the band ended the recording of their first album in which there were older and newer songs at the time, and where you can notice the difference and the evolution of the songs and the style from one to another. On that album there are songs that are in Macedonian and songs in English. There is a cover song from the eighties Heavy Metal band Twisted Sister of the song "The Kids Are Back" and in Macedonian is titled "Se Vrakame". After that, few gigs were on turn and another video for the song "Barajki go spasot" or "Seeking salvation" which was recorded on a live gig in the city park in Skopje. The album was recorded and mixed and produced in studio "Basement" by Angel Kosev and co-produced by STEEL TEMPLE. The band released the album at the beginning of the summer 2004 and it was promoted in the Record Records shop. The album is titled "Seeking salvation" by the title song. On the promotion of the album, the third video for the song "Wake Me" was promoted, too. The album went solid and satisfying between the people who bought it and heard it. In this period, the band works on the songs of the second album and this album is planned to be a lot heavier and more powerful than the first one, and the songs will be in some classic Heavy with Power and Sympho elements. The second album is planned to be recorded in English and with far better production than the first one. The band also keeps on with its live gigs.Also, the band appeared as a warming up band on the legendary Rock Legends WHITESNAKE on 24-th of July 2006 on the concert in Skopje,Macedonia. The show went awesome and STEEL TEMPLE had nothing less then positive critics after the show......................................................................................................................................... ON 15-TH OF SEPTEMBER 2006 STEEL TEMPLE STARTED WITH RECORDING OF THEIR SECOND ALBUM TITLED AS "NOBODY'S SLAVES", STAY TUNED FOR MORE.........
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Played all around Macedonia, in every city of the country. The best gig was in front of 5000 raging crowd when Steel Temple were opening for Whitesnake in Skopje, on 24-th of July 2006.
Your musical influences
Judas Priest,Twisted Sister,Iron Maiden,Whitesnake,Motley Crue,Skid Row,Kamelot,Hammerfall,Stratovarius,Savatage.....
What equipment do you use?
Ibanez guitar Premier drums Yamaha keybords and bass guitar
Anything else?
Filip Filipovski - vocals; Deniz Adil - guitars; Darko Popovski "Bluz" - keyboards; Marijan Petrovski - bass; Urosh Veljkovic - drums