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Sc's Edge
Sc's Edge
49 Tracks
DS, Sc, Edge, SC's Edge, Brooklyn, Canarsie, rapper, Black, Che, Da Kid Cannon, Kid Canarsie ,DJ Lyric
There Are Four Members in our Band. Che, D.S., Kid Cannon, and Kid Canarsie. we are a rap group Coming Out of Canarsie, Brooklyn.
Band/artist history
DS was born in Brooklyn September 5, 1991 He lived in Trinidad for six months after his birth. He then moved to Germany with his mother after she Joined the army. He lived in Germany for 3 years until he moved to Virginia at the age of 5. By then his mother had remarried to another man in the army. In Virginia is when he had his first kiss with a girl named India who is his lifetime friend. The family moved back to Germany when DS turned 7. He then starting writing rap songs with Che in New York during Vacations. He then moved to Tallahassee, Florida the site of his life changing experience. His mother died the year after they moved to Tallahassee. Because of this he was forced to move to Brooklyn with his Biological Father. He moved to Cambria Heights, Queens when he was in the 7th grade. He then moved back to Canarsie when he turned 14 years old. Since Then He attended Bayside High school in Queens. DS currently lives in Canarsie, Brooklyn C3, Che Aroyewun, a.k.a. CHE, the prolific rapper hailing from New York City, originates from very humble beginnings. Che was born in New York City's Presybetrian hospital, located in the Washington Heights section of the city on the date of July 22nd, 1991. His mother, father, and him lived together in a small apartment complex on 43nd street, until the two parted ways in 1994. Unable to supprt the funds, and rent that came with a condominium or Tony apartment complex (because of the fact that she was taking a college course at Pace University), the mom resorted to the slums of Spanish Harlem, purchasing a small housing space in the area. In 1996, after the mother had obtained her master's degree, as well as doctorate, the two were able to purchase a suitable house-apartment, in the small neighborhood of Canarsie, Brooklyn. CHE, began honing his skills at a suprisingly young age, the tender year of six. He would write along the margins in his school notebook, the walls of his house, and even in messy handwriting so that his grandmother wasn't able to tell that the markings were raps. C3 currently lives in Canarsie Brooklyn Da Kid Cannon Was born and raised in Flatbush, Brooklyn. He Was Born Christian Anthony Clarke-James. The cousin of DS and Kid Canarsie. More Coming Soon.... Kid Canarsie was Born in Canarsie, Brooklyn. He was born Ricardo Tam. He is the Cousin of Da Kid Cannon and DS. More Coming Soon.... DJ P-Eazy. More Coming soon.....
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play live if u book us we will play
Your musical influences
Tupac, and The Notorious B.I.G. (that seems like everybody's) Eminem, D-Block, P$C, DTP, Mobb Deep (before G-unit), Fabulous, Cassidy, Big L
What equipment do you use?
Anything else?
Visit The Myspace profile at www.myspace.com/scsedge and Get it Poppin
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