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-( P )- productions UK
-( P )- productions UK
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asian beat maker
Persian Chick (sarah h)
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-( P )- is an upcoming producer from south east london specialising in Grime, Hiphop, Garage and R n B. -( P )- was first introduced to a range of music at such a young age which lead to -( P )- intrested in musical instruments. He played trumpet, baritone and trumbone at the age of 5 and He developed a skill to play piano and keyboard from the age of 7 and lead on to the indian drums which he has been playing proffesionally for 7 years. As time went by, -( P )- introduced himself to a DJ program at the age of 15 and began immediatley recording mixes. These mixes were unique and brought a new wave through remixed music, mixing up genres was -( P )-'s speciality and at such a fast rate making 10 to 15 mixes a day. -( P )- was already building a reputation and bringin amazement to peoples eyes, but By the Age of 18 -( P )- wanted more and decided to produce his own beats, now here he is currently residing in London and attending a music college, creating brilliant melodies, and deep beats. Currenly mastering the indian flute and the tumbi (indian strings), -( P )- is looking to be successful in the music industry and is willing to work with talented artists to create masterpieces.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
played live dhol (indian drum) at live events, weddings and parties....enjoyed the time, many special memories...
What equipment do you use?
home studio...