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LavaLady Omeil
LavaLady Omeil
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Omeil the Lava Lady
Omeil is taking dancehall Reggae to new levels. She's back with a mature, sexy, sassy and sweet Voice. Her Sophomore album has a mixture of Reggae, Rock & RnB. With a new mature look, the Big question is, What has Omeil been doing since the release of her debut album "Reggae Sweetheart".? The New Album "Lava Lady" Will feature 12 tracks that took a process of 2 years in the making. This Album will feature Production form Grammy winning producers and "HOT" Artists guest appearance. Omeil is also feature on the "Attention Is demanded Sometimes" album, an Aids Awareness project. Giving back 25% to the community. Listen music below:
Band/artist history
Kadion "Omeil" Lewis better known as Omeil the Lava Lady is hailing from Kingston , Jamaica . Omeil is no stranger to the music business having Release her Single "FRET" that Gained tremendous radio adds that lead to her BillBoard Compilation appearance of her single "Hot Girls" featured on her Debut Album "Reggae Sweetheart". She 's a Star and a tremendous perform er for those who have had the privilege of seeing her live. Having her debut album downloaded 150, 000 thousand times and moving Over 5,000 units independently Omeil is set in create big opportunities for herself. Having worked with the likes of Delion Ried, Sean Todd, Bill the Kid and David Mcfarlance on her first Album Omeil decided to do a bit of change and give her fans s omething new and exciting. The New Album Lava Lady Will be release early next Year. But in the meantime look out for the upcoming single and her guest appearance on "Attention Is Demanded Sometimes" An a lbum of which 25% of all profit s is being donated to educate youths about HIV/AIDS. The s ong s featured on this release are called "Don't test me" it's on a Rock, Hip-Hop, Reggae beat. Her Song "Strive" is also featured on the compilation that is currently gaining strong radio play adds. In addition the"Strive Video" produce by Ethan Lathder is currently striving , as it exhibits Omeil's natural talents. The Video is feature on Ifilm, singingfool.com, Much TV Canada, Reggae TV Jamaica , and hundreds of other Television outlets. Omeil Album was awarded the honor of the number 20 position in Italy Top 100 Reggae Music Magazine. In August 2003, the Hip Hop Palace Best New Female Reggae and Most Promising Artist was awarded to Omeil. Over the past years, Omeil has opened for many acts such as Joe Buddens , Yellow Man , Elephant Man , La dy Saw , Sacario, Devonte , Tontrometro , Foxy Brown , Glen Washington , Bounty Killa , Capleton , Sanchez, Vybez Cartel, and others . She also made a very successful appearance in the Caribbean Day Parade ( Hartford CT ) , Fire 2002( Hartford CT ) , Summer fest 2003( Hartford CT ) and World Sounds Reunion 2003( Shelton CT ) . Her genuine performance displays a unique mixture of Reggae and R&B that was influenced by many legends such as Beenie Man, Lady Saw, Whitney Houston, Aaliyah, Monica and even closer to her heart, her grandfather who spent a lot of time and energy in her musical development. Mature for her age, she voices her opinion quite often but manages to stay humble in spite of her National success. Omeil has been featured in Billboard, XNews, Observer, Star, Black Diaspora, Italy Reggae Magazine and many others. After working with producers Delion Reid , Sean Todd , Billy the Kid and David McFarlane on her debut album "Reggae Sweetheart". Omeil Turn s back to David McFarlane and recruit s Viga, Romside Studios, Studio 45, Eric James and Aaron Kelley for her sophomore Album. These producers have devoted many years to making music. While each producer has their own unique styles, they all demonstrate diversity with their capability to produce Reggae, R&B, Hip-Hop and more. This team has come together to produce an exceptional display on Omeil's debut album. Their resumes exhibit production work for some of the most respected artists in the industry such as Sean Paul, Beenie Man, Lady Saw, Sanchez, Wyclef, Alicia Keys and others. Omeil is currently the fi r st lady of Terrelonge Recordings subdivision of Terrelongè Enterprises Inc. (www.2000te.com) owned by Renee Terrelongè. Omeil discography: 1. Fret Single (2001) 2. Keep it real compilation (2002) 3. Hot Girls Single (2003) 4. Reggae Sweetheart Album ( 2003-2004) 5. Strive Video April (2004) 6. Attention Is Demanded Sometimes (2006) Omeil's New Song "Don't Test Me" is Feature on the "Attetion Is Demanded Sometimes" Project" In stores Now! Click here to Listent the new track & Buy the Album DOWNLOAD OMEIL "Reggae Sweetheart"ALBUM NOW! RETURN TO REGGAE LADY HOMEPAGE 2002,2004 Terrelonge Recordings An Independent Music Label. All rights reserved (Reggae Sweetheart Home Page aka Lava Lady) Web Site Design and Web Consultant Terrelonge Enterprises Inc., CD Duplication Services for your artist Music Business
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