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jazz, hip hop, trap, trip hop, electronica, synth wave, house dubstep, classical
The Haunting
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The Haunting Orchestral Mix v1 (Flute Lead)
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The Haunting Orchestral Mix v2 (Voilin Lead)
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City of Mystery
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Welcome to Shoestrings Music Page!
Band/artist history
First, I started making music on MTV Music Generator back when it was on the original Playstation. A friend who was making electronic music for a living gave me a basic outline to work with for making techno music with the program. From there, I got the PC version of MTV Music Generator and made two albums. They consisted of dance music, hip hop, rock, and oriental music (using individual sample hits and did what sounded good using no music theory knowledge). After me stint with the MTV program, I brought Acid Pro 4.0, and started making music using loops exclusively. When I was using MTV I went into the sample section and started creating my own stuff so I somewhat took a step back in creativity, but the sound quality was much better with Acid Pro. I create alot of stuff and tried to mix genres together. During this time, I had also picked up Hip Hop Ejay 2. I created part of an album off of that, and I did really like the sound and the quality of the tracks, but they lack the dynamics of the later tracks, especially in the beats Since, I had no idea what VSTs were at the time, I soon ditched this program and picked up Reason 2.5. It reminded me of the creativity and flexibility I had used when I making tracks on MTV Music Generator. I made one album with it. It was a mix of ambient, IDM, and video game music. Then I got Reason 3.0 upgrade 2 years ago, and soon after that I got Finale 2006 because I was frustrated and I wanted to learn Music Theory so that I could understand the basics and build from there. My music has gotten a lot better since then. I also picked up Dance Music Manual by Rick Snoman and a lot of the tracks are results from following his advice in the book. I have Reason 4 now, which is so much better. I've tried other host, but I'most comfortable with Reason.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I actually have played the Cajone in front of an audience for worship. However, I mainly just produce.
Your musical influences
All types of music: hip hop, jazz, rock, downtempo, techno, drum n bass, classical, video game music, all types of electronic. Artist: too many to name. However, I do want to mention DJ Krush, DJ Shadow, Akira Yamaoka (Team Silent), Dieselboy, LTJ Bukem, Tricky, James Brown, Underworld, One Mile North, Roni Size, Kavinsky, Mick Gordon
What equipment do you use?
Software: Propellerheads Reason 10, Acid Pro 8, Sibelius, Musescore, RapidComposer, Odesi Hardware: M-Audio Keystation 49e Midi controller keyboard, PC (of course)
Anything else?
I first just want to thank God for giving me the ability to make this music. I also want to thank my family and friends for their support
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