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Progressive Dementia
Symphonic complexity, metallic intensity, and the lead singer dressing up as a carrot all in the same song.
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Born to Die Young (The Baby Carrot Song)
Every year, millions of baby carrots are needlessly slaughtered for our salads. This song is dedicated to that 'vegetarian veal.' Oh, it rocks hard and part is in 13/8.
We play a mostly original mix influenced by King Crimson, Monty Python, Iron Maiden, Phish and Frank Zappa after too much coffee. We wear costumes and give out prizes, and make you happy to have left your house.
Band/artist history
The members of Progressive Dementia have progressive rock chops and a class clown mentality. Their performances are nuanced yet perverse, and can include symphonic complexity, metallic intensity, and the lead singer dressing up as a carrot all in the same song. They could play classical or jazz, yet they playthis. Lead singer Bryan Zeigler describes their work as “complicated songs about stupid things,” and though they do not take themselves seriously, they have an incredible passion for complex, yet accessible music with a sense of humor and very little conceptual restraint. Trying to pigeonhole the group can be an exercise in frustration, as they do not follow the rules that say a band has to stick to one style, that intricate music has to be grumpy, or that only men play the instruments in rock bands. Progressive Dementia may well be the world’s leading multi-gender, multi-genre, darkly humorous prog-rock band. The performances do not always stick to music either, as Satan, a band of Leprechauns and the world’s most frightening nurse are all likely to make cameo appearances at any time, and give out prizes. “It’s like visiting Chuck E. Cheese while tripping,” says Zeigler with an earnest grimace. Recently the band teamed up with multi gold and platinum award winning record producer Dan Grigsby to create Muffin Puppet, their first album for 4Q Music, the home of “eclectic electric rock.” Included on the album are songs like “The Crab Lies Down on Broadway,” which combines groove, progressive rock and Caribbean influences to tell the story of a lost crustacean, “Born to Die Young,” a hard rock song that rages against injustices done to baby carrots, and “Cameltoe,” which mixes hard rock, jazz and eastern tones. “Rod Stewart’s Irrational Fear of Leprechauns” is an instrumental.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play live in the New York City metropolitan area, and anywhere else that will have us!
Your musical influences
Humorous Progressive Rock. Subversive Music. Frank Zappa, King Crimson, Monty Python, Mr. Bungle, Hottie and the Blowfish.
What equipment do you use?
We're a fairly standard four piece, guitar, bass, keys and drums, with special guests welcome.
Anything else?
We like coffee. A lot.
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