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Tomorrow's End
Tomorrow's End
2 Tracks
Classic and original Rock and Roll from the North Coast of America
Happy Dance
Peak in sub-genre #30
No More War
Peak in sub-genre #76
We are a group of 4 veteran musicians. Each of us has been doing the bar band thing for more than 30 years, although not always together. This combination of people came about a year and half ago. We have all played with at least one other current member from time to time over the years and got to know each other pretty well so this combo has been working very well. The band members are: Micki: Vocals Dave: Guitar Larry D: Bass, Vocals Larry B: Drums - On injured reserve Tommy F: Drums
Band/artist history
We have all been in lots of different bands. Some names include: Flasher Desire Desiree Avatar Gypsy Stereotype Westfall A few others
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Playing live is all we do, other than posting our original stuff around the net from time to to time. To us, music is all about performing. After all, the most important part of it is entertaining and moving your audience. It is a lot more fun to be there when that happens.
Your musical influences
Mostly hard and/or classic rock like Cream, Zeppelin, Heart, Sabbath, etc.
What equipment do you use?
We are big Marshall and Gibson fans. In the PA we like JBL.
Anything else?
Rock on...