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PzYKWard Productions
PzYKWard Productions
Silver Spring, MD  USA
April 03, 2007
14,005 plays
PzYKWard Productions I am not selling instrumentals over the internet. I am definitely willing to work with artists in the MD area though (please read Band History). I hope you enjoy listening as I do creating them. -PzY
Band/artist history
8th grade - Senior in High School: What I did: Poetry, Rap, Rock, Lyrics, Songwriting My Equipment: Creative Adobe, FL Studio I Worked with: Dulcet, GHoZT, MX, Primo (Origen) Freshman College - Present (2010) What I do: Production, Sound Engineering, Music, Music for Film/Video Games My Equipment Reason 3.0, M-Audio Axiom 49 Keys, Audio Technica M40fs Headphones, Ableton Live (soon to buy) I Worked with: DJ Ponce, Emvy, GHoZT, Lady J, Primo (Origen), The Savior Equipment is standard, nothing fancy. I would love to work with anyone who is willing in the MD area. I would be happy to: song-write, produce track I'm no longer interested in writing music for rap, but willing to work in other areas of Hip-Hop (no rappers). I would love to work with people who are students in: film and short film, graphic design and video games, and music
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have played live only once; it was at a party. It was one of the most stomach-upsetting moments of my life. It was well worth it though, an experience like no other. The moments JUST before performing are the worst, but once on stage, you either got it or you don't.
Your musical influences
My primary influences when I started were Tupac and Eminem, it's almost a standard. As time went on however, I enjoyed rock more. My primary influence today is Nine Inch Nails, though I don't believe it reflects it on my music. Other musical influences include: Beethoven, Clint Mansell, Evanescence, GHoZT, Johnny Cash, Linkin Park (not their new album at all...), Marinated Musiq, Mozart, Nickelback, Ozone, Sindustry, Three Days Grace, Twiztid, Tyler Bates, and VTZ. Another influence is life in general; survival, courage, grief, and love, it all makes a difference in my music.
What equipment do you use?
Audio Technica M40fs, M-Audio Axiom 49 Keyboard, Reason 3.0, Ableton (Future)
Anything else?
Some of my past material when I used to rap are at: www.soundclick.com/pzykotic I hope you enjoy the music I put out here. I'm currently working with: The Savior and DJ Ponce. DJ Ponce: www.officialdjponce.com The Savior: www.thesaviormusic.com
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