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Maria Calfa-DePaul
Maria Calfa-DePaul
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Singer/Songwriter with a message and a voice to match. From melodic driven ballads to upbeat pop/rock tunes, Maria's music is sure to reach into your heart!!
Maria Calfa-DePaul plays at a Songwriter's Circle
Maria Calfa-DePaul has been writing songs since she was 15. Music has always been an important part of her life. Her passion was cut short when she developed a cyst on her vocal cords. Maria was unable to sing for 8 years. She became a school teacher but eventually her speaking voice suffered so much that she "sounded like Marge Simpson's sister" In Sept of 05 Maria found a doctor who removed the cyst without damaging her vocal cords; a truly amazing feat! Her singing voice was completely restored and after 6 months of intensive speech therapy with a classical trained singer turned SLP Maria began performing and recording. Her debut CD "Moments of Happiness" is available at cdbaby.com and contains 10 original songs. Her songs speak directly to the heart because that is where they were conceived. Maria is excited to share her thoughts on life,loss love and hope to all who are willing to give some fresh new music a try...continue to believe...continue to dream! www.mcd-music.com
Band/artist history
I have been playing guitar since I was 15 and writing songs for as long. I have just completed my new CD Moments Of Happiness and it is available at http://cdbaby.com/cd/calfadepaul You can also listen to portions of the CD at my website as well. www.mcd-music.com That's a good place to go to see where I am playing as well. I have written 15 new songs in 2006 and am beginning work on the next CD.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, I play every 4 to 6 weeks at an Italian Restaurant in Suffern, called Marcello's. I played Suffern Free Library and am scheduled for a few others in the next few months. I have sung at happy events like a Wedding in June and very sad events like a Memorial for a US Soldier killed in Iraq in November. I even got to sing a new song I wrote for the troops live on a local radio station WRCR-Radio Rockland. Every moment I get to sing is really special considering I couldn't do it for 8 years. But the best moments have to still be when I sing for my two sons. I missed doing that the most when I couldn't sing.
Your musical influences
I love Renee Fleming, Sarah McLachlan, Melissa Etheridge, Five For Fighting, Pat Benatar, Barbra Streisand, John Denver, Billy Joel...to name a few.
What equipment do you use?
Taylor T5, Taylor Grand Auditorium, Roland AC-60 Amp, Godin Steel String Multiac with Roland GR-33. Most recently I have been playing a Luna Fauna Dolphin guitar...it's quickly become a favorite of mine!!
Anything else?
Keep your dreams alive...it's never too late. Trust in God, have faith and never ever stop believing.
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