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Genres: trance, drum n bass, electronica, video game, experimental, ambient, dance, IDM, industrial, techno
This is EchozAurora, born in early 2006 after years of dabbling in music of all sorts. I don't really fit into a single genre, but if you like trance, ambient, DnB, industrial, IDM, classical, dance, house, electronica, experimental, indie, or anything just random and delicious, then you will find something you like here. (that list is also sure to grow, give it time, I constantly experiment)
Band/artist history
2004-started playing with a demo of Fruity Loops 2005-learned new techniques, started making longer original tracks March 8, 2006- started EchozAurora with the song, Ripples of Light and a Myspace page to upload my music. Sky Orchestra followed two days later. Spring Break 2006- went into a short frenzy of production, and learned how to make music on a short timeframe. 3 songs came out of this: Colorado, Summit, and Echoz from the East. Summer 2006- Sadly, I got piles of computer problems, and production died out for a while. Fall 2006- EchozAurora was reborn with a surge of video game remixes, followed by a whole new sound and much better music. Notable songs: Remixes of Megaman 3, Zelda, and Mario. Original tracks Psykinetic and Orbital Reflections. Late Fall, I found out about the useful VST format, and started trying out new plugins, this is where the current EchozAurora stems from. Notable songs: Lost Dreams, Memories. Winter 2006- I learned how to use synthedit and made the EchozQuadOsc, my custom VST plugin. Started an experimental phase, new styles, entered the MRAC on Newgrounds, working on some new stuff. This is where I currently stand. Recommendations for the current period: December Theory Aquaduct StarSailing Assault Ancient Technology More stuff coming soon. (Current as of Jan 4, 2007)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I used to play a lot of bass guitar in praise band for the youth group I was attending, and I made a rig for my computer to play synth a few times there. I'm hoping to land a few gigs sometime later this year.
Your musical influences
Aphex Twin, Linkin Park, Paul Oakenfold, Mutemath, DJ Shadow, Moby, The Chemical Brothers, a lot more I can't think of at the moment...