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Lil Lefty
Lil Lefty
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This is Lil Leftys soundclick page
Have you performed in front of an audience?
i did once when i was 18 in a small club called the upside, i'd just started takin my lyrics seriously not a month prior. so i didn't know what to expect from the crowd & to my surprise every one was diggin my shit. there was a producer there from a lable called Phatback Records outa Bremerton Wa & after the show he gave me props on my lyrics,style and my voice. siad he was really diggin it. he told me to just work on my stage performance & i'd have somethin worthwhile. He inspired me to keep goin with it & i have. but i haven't done ne other live shows except 4 the homies on request at a party or shit like that.
Your musical influences
like i siad I was influenced by Sac town artists, a lil tupac(R.I.P.), Tech N9ne, T-nutty, Lil Flip, Easy-E(R.I.P.), Yukmouth, Spice1, Haystak( i really feel his lyrics), Bone Thugz,Jay-Z,Coo Coo Cal, Twista(speedknot mobstaz is my shit), Dayton Family, Esham,Fat Tone(R.I.P.),C.O.S.,Loki,Young Devious and my big homie Chiggity Chance 1 luv cuzzo, know matter what u fam, my lil bro Pest, we started freeflowin when we where like 13 & 14. We pushed eachother to do our best, I'll see u when u get out fam.
What equipment do you use?
I've used a few differant programs like Protools,Acid Pro5.0, Sound Forge, Cool Edit, Frooty Loops, Anvil and a few others, mainly just learnin how to use the differant programs which i'm still learnin. I have a ghetto kareoke machine i was f***in with to get an idea of what i wanted to do as far as a basic song format, i have even made a few ghetto mixtapes just for shits n giggles. i use a $80 mic i got at radioshack it works for now till i got the money for sumthin better. my pc is gonna be my studio once i get tha fetty up for protools and a few other programs.
Anything else?
i have a few songs recorded but i'm gonna wait to my music out there till i got a few more tracks done so keep an eye out for ya boy Lil Lefty on "Nicks n Dimes" n more i'm not gonna name till its time. 1 luv to all my peepz back in tha N.W. my real fam, up on tha W.S. & the E.S.,all my native homies N.G.B & N.G.C., on the upper & lower Elwah Rez, out in Neah Bay all my Crazy Makahs, the homies Tucs, Eddie, Sean(a.k.a.devil) tha Della Bros.,the homies Clay(Bones)& lil Chris Charles, Matt C., Lil Frank, Brandon & Matt Bennet. My sis Kelley(Blaze)McCallum & my nephew Zeke,tha buddah Bros.,lil Buddah, baby D reppin G.D.N. F.O.L.K. Lord, Platinum up in tha pen, lil Platinum, Dakari Reppin 74 Hoover, Cholo,Blaxican, lil Antonio(Bones)Goozeman, big Jerome,Heavy Dezel down 4 South Side L.M.V. SurTrece', Smoke Dogg, the Down ass Homies Nate(Dogg)Hurst & D-Boy. Tha cuzzin Stoney, Dave(Burntshard)Burnside, The Real ass homie Cooly & lightskinned Harris.All my Rydaz & Fam, My Playboys, the Crew,Bud,B-Radical,Lil Criminal up in tha Pen, my lil cuzzin Dominic frm the I.E.,lil G.,my sis Krazy Katie,uncle Gypsy ridin 4 Hells Angels, uncle Ron King i hope ur doin good, My cuzzin B.A. frm P.A.,"Mom"Linda(Pinky)Stone up in PURDY womens Corrections, I luv & miss u with all my heart,the Juggalo homie Jigga Nutt,Russ & Dale Summit, David Hales man u guys got flows, i miss our lil parkinlot syphers, the good homie Leif(ThaVirus Sirus)Ellis man where u at?All my Luved onez that moved on to a better place- Mike Sindars,Miles Shulmeister,Cordell(Oreo)Singleton,Charles Santero,Luke(Spook)Proffit,Josh(prettyboy)Petty,my lil cuzzin Mellissa Mae Carter,J.J.(Gemeni)Brewer,Jeremy(RollSTAR)Rolley,Clay Collier,Grandpa Kreaman,Grandpa&Grandma Powless, uncle Don,uncle Gary,Grandma Koch,Grandma St.Onge & aunt Joanne All Of You May You REST IN PEACE! anyone i didn't mention i didnt 4get about u trust me. 1luv, Matt(Lil Lefty)Leftwich