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God has been so good to me. The only thing good about me is God. People who knew me before God changed me know I went through somthing. It was a slow process, of "my" plan for my life coming to an end, and God's plan for my life taking over... and who better to plot my foot steps than my Lord Jesus Christ. The best part about getting to know God is that He'll change you for the better, daily... From big things to very little things... He speaks to me when I'm about to do somthing I shouldn't do, I'll get a feeling ( almost like a magnetic pull) to go in a certain direction, I've had several dreams come true, and my greatest testimony thus far is when I was home sick while living in West Virgina ( One of the most beautiful states with the greatest folk you'll ever meet)... After church one Sunday morning in my fathers backyard.... I was upset with myself for wanting to leave the most peacefull place I have ever been... the place God placed me, out of total turmoil in Jersey... He basically delivered me out of Egypt... yet I wanted to go back.... And that in its self made me feel like I was dis-respecting God and all he had done. SO I prayed, and I thanked Him for saving me, and thanked him for where I was in that moment, and expressed to Him in tears that I missed my friends and Jersey in a whole :) I wanted to put my Tims back on:) and nelt down thanking and pleeding at the same time... and gradually I felt a preasure come down on my back... and it slowly started to push me down.... until I was face down flat on the ground... I couldn't get up!!!. everything turned silent... and I heard Him say.... " GO BACK AND TELL THEM HOW GOOD I'VE BEEN TO YOU." After He said that, I felt my body being filled with The Holy Spirit, and with it came Joy, Peace, Happiness so strong I had to ask Him to stop because it started to hurt... and then I felt the preasure come off of my back and I was finally able to get up, and I got up in tears... I saw my dad, who was the pianist for the church so he stayed a little later, walking home into the house and I told him what God said... and he told me " If God said it, you have to pack." God's words still echo through me to this day... He said them slow, and softly, in an understanding way, yet I felt sternness in His voice as though to say, do this, this is your mission. And I've been doing what He told me to do ever sense. And sense you have read this this far, you have helped me complete my mission. God Has Blessed You. For thoughs who don't know me... I'm a gentlemen thanks to my Mother... and a business man thanks to my Father... My friends can fill in the blanks... My new and ultimate goal is to see a smile on God's face when I get to Heaven. But until then, know I roll wit Kings and Queens... gods and godess's, thoughs who know their goals and thrive to reach them. Our time is short on Earth... The only thing left behind is what we teach each other... So let my words be this: He Lives. Be Blessed. Foregive, and you shall be foregiven. Love one another as you would love yourselves. Have Great Faith.
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