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My Shaded Sunrise
My Shaded Sunrise
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Indie and emo driven acoustic project from a 17 year old musician thats been playing music for around 7 years. But just recently jumped on the acoustic scene.
Your Call (Live)
Peak in sub-genre #39
Umm, im Todd, and i love music, i play many instruments, so heres what i can play pretty well: guitar, piano, drums, bass, xylophone, violin, random noisemakers--s. My music is driven from odd sources: indie, emo, alternative, melodic metal, blues, etc. (if theres any consistency for there to be an etc)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes i do play live, and i LOVE it.I do mostly covers though. Ive never played any of my originals in a concert setting, just in front of people in parking lots and stuff. Ive played at random places, school auditoriums, coffee shops, churches, etc. The first time i played somewhere with the concert setting was special, but isn't it for everybody?
Your musical influences
Damien Rice, John Mayer, Steven Speaks, Joseph Arthur, Early November, Spill Canvas, Straylight Run.
What equipment do you use?
Ibanez guitars, always. MXL mics, cheap but effective. Yamaha mixer, they are the cheapest that connect directly to the computer and have phantom power.
Anything else?
Umm, i dont really like my music, but i love when i cover people, i think i do a really good job at it. But ive heard most people dont love their own voices either, but whatever. Hopefully youll like it.