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DHW - Indie Virtuoso Guitarist
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Welcome to my Soundclick music page! My name is Daniel. I play lead electric guitar and I professionally compose my music on computer in my home studio. If you are into guitar rock you have come to the right place! I compose melodic guitar rock tracks which are heavily influnced by Hendrix, Vai and Satriani but all with my own style added! I fell in love with the guitar sound from an early age and I find the best way of improving my guitar playing is simply by recording and listening back. I explore a wide range of genres from metal to blues, to funk, to jazz, to 'downright alien'!
Band/artist history
People ask me how I learned how to play guitar like I do. I didn't start learning it straight away. I started playing clarinet and other woodwind first of all when I was 3 years old and learned how to play classical music and learned music theory from a young age. I did not move onto the guitar properly until I was about 12 years old when I wished I had started playing it when I was 3 in the first place! The reason why I love making music with the guitar is because it is the instrument where to my ears I can produce the widest range of tones styles and expressions. Once I started learning it was simply matter of learning the techniques on the guitar without having to worry about what notes to hit, because I already knew most of the theory at the time and knew what kind of a sound I wanted. I also have experience in music technology and production so when I record the guitar sounds, the rest of what you hear is made on the computer via keyboard, all professionally mixed and mastered. If you are learning guitar, learning the blues/pentatonic scale is a great place to start, then work out how to hit the same notes of the scale on different ends of the guitar, you can then formulate your own shapes and patterns, and then add bends and trills in the right places to spice things up. That's just the beginning... the guitar is like an endless canvas of exploration, it's limits have no bounds and it really captures me once I get going! Once you grasp the basics of the scale you can learn where to apply bends/trills throughout the scale and on different parts of the neck. I would recommend for those who are learning guitar to record themselves, even in an early stage. At the end of the day it should be about the sound and your ears are the best tool you have to become a good guitar player, you don't need to be classically trained or to play fast to make a good sound. Technique is secondary to the sound, recording yourself play and listening back and working out how you can add quality to the sound is the best way to improve. It is hard work but the results pay off and more new ideas will come the more you learn. Push yourself and see what you can really do with the sound and it will reward you with more knowledge and wonders. If you want to make your own beats to jam to this can be done in sequencers like Reason, where it helps to know a bit about sound synthesis techniques to be in absolute control of the sound to get exactly what you want. A good site to learn about this is on www.planetoftunes.com a site run by my former music technology tutor, everything is so clearly explained on his site! I love to record and share sounds on this site and I hope you get as much pleasure from listening to my sounds!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes I have played in live concerts for the Princes Trust. I am available for gig bookings so if you are looking for a session lead guitarist please message me.
Your musical influences
My main influences: Jimi Hendrix (without him I wouldn't even be playing guitar!) Joe Satriani (awesome guitar god) Steve Vai (again awesome guitar god from another world!) Gary Moore (he got me into blues big time!) John Petrucci (again awesome guitarist of the highest calibre!) Carlos Santana (love his simplicity and expression through melody!) Jimmy Page (the king of riffs!) Vinnie Moore (awesome lol!) Eric Johnson (cleanest sound on the planet!) Alessandro Benvenutti (the king of jazz-fusion through guitar!) Slash (major shredder!) Y. Malmsteen (the fastest shredder broque rock!) ...and of course the list goes on forever!
What equipment do you use?
Guitars I use for an extensive range of sounds: Vai Signatured Ibanez Jem; Ibanez JS5000; Fender Squire Bullet; Gibson Fender; Danelectro. Software/Hardware: Reason 3.0, Recycle, Cubase SX3, Waves Plugins, Evolution MK-361C MIDI Controller, Ibanez Jem Electric Guitar, JS-1000 Electric Guitar, POD XT Live, Digitech Whammy, BOSS Sustainer Pedal, Keeley Compressor. The most important piece of equipment is my brain otherwise I can never think up the songs! ;-) Most of the songs I make the beats I make in Reason and audio is recorded via Cubase rewired. The result is mixed, exported and mastered in Wavelab.
Anything else?
Oh yes! One more thing!........ "KEEP IT ROCK!!!!" My other sites:
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