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Soul, Funk, Non-traditional Gospel
Love You the Right Way
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Resti 2 tion
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What You Wouldn't do for Love
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All I Need - Soul Mix
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MichauX breaks the barriers between R&B, Soul, Funk, and Gospel. With the new album, Just MichauX, he brings infectious hard driving rhythms and silky smooth vocals to deliver a message of love, peace and hope for a better future. MichauX asks the same questions you hear from all of your favorite neo-soul artists and takes the next step by providing some answers. MichauXs sound has been compared to Maxwell, Marvin Gaye, The Isley Brothers and Curtis Mayfield. Each song is a symphony of sounds and conveys a wide range of moods. The message, beat, and pace of the music has the ability to stimulate and motivate. Multi-talented; he produced, arranged, performed and recorded this record in his own professional project recording studio. He also wrote most of the thought provoking lyrics you hear on the album. MichauXs music is not easily categorized. It is definitely soul music with a Gospel message I dont preach or push religion, MichauX says. I have convictions and values; messages about real life issues and survival come through in my songs. You can sing about love without being obscene or trashy. It is a beautiful thing between people who love each other unconditionally. Here in America we crave sex, money, power, and overindulge in everything that is self-gratifying. We need inspiration to help counteract all of this. This is what I try to provide through my music. When asked where his inspiration comes from MichauX says, What motivates me is working with at risk youth. I want to bring them a positive message of hope that will help keep them in school, away from drugs and a life of crime. I am inspired by the youth that I have weekly meetings and monthly concerts with at Texas Youth Commission (TYC), Turman Halfway House in east Austin. Knowing their lives are being affected by the message in the music, is the highest achievement.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, mostly Houston and Dallas.
Your musical influences
Maxwell, Curtis Mayfield, Marvin Gaye, Isley Bothers, Erykah Badu, Neptunes, Angie Stone, Jill Scott, DAngelo, Montrel Darrett, Fred Hammond, Kirk Franklin, John P. Kee, Russ Taff, Andre Crouch and The Walter Hawkins Family.
What equipment do you use?
Fender Rhodes, right on! Pro Tools
Anything else?
We were looking for something new and edgy for 'Showtime at the Apollo. MichauXs voice and music is unique and different than anything we have heard before and we believe that the audience will really relate to his music and the message. Malika Smith, CEO Club Praize Magazine Consultant to Showtime at the Apollo Orange, New Jersey MichauXs music is on the cutting edge of where R&B and Soul music is headed in the future of radio and has the timeless qualities of Classic Soul. His sound holds the listener and he is definitely an artist that radio should take notice of. As a friend of MichauX for several years, I can highly recommend him for any venue. Preston Lowe, Music Director CBS Radio, KQBT The Beat 104.3 Austin, Texas I highly recommend MichauX. For many years, he has been a very good friend. His genuine commitment to excellence shows in all that he does. He sings with a caliber that is truly rare. Knolly A. Williams II, CEO Grapetree, GT Platinum Records Round Rock, Texas MichauX worked vigorously with our youth in many areas. He provided music and sound for special events to a population of troubled youth and has been diligent with his service. He would be an asset to any venue. MichauX has a unique gift and I highly recommend that his talent be utilized to its fullest extent wherever he travels. Charles A. Moody The R.O.C.K. - Houston, Texas "MichauX's music has a flavor and feel that all people regardless of color, gender, or age can relate to." Stacey Brown The R.O.C.K. - Houston, Texas MichauX has worked with the Turman Halfway House for the past two years. He has devoted his time as a volunteer by providing music and mentoring our young adults. His time spent with our organization has helped shape the lives of these young men. We at Turman House appreciate all the time MichauX has spent and is currently spending with us. Veronica Moore, Weekend Coordinator Texas Youth Commission, Turman House Austin, Texas
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