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Tony Pollard
Tony Pollard
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Emotional, beautiful, heart-touching piano music and schmaltzy, melodramatic, old fashioned love songs. Driving Electronica, Smooth Jazz, Rock, Country.
The Rock
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Now That Theres You
Peak position #99
Lady Blue
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Music can heal...it can restore a wounded soul, or wound a soul with sweetness that's almost bitter. It's the only place you can scream with a whisper, or blast with a velvet hand. It's everyday magic that's all around us, even if we don't hear it...it goes through us on radio waves 24/7. It's indescribable, yet we all know what it is. It's Life, it's Passion, it's Power...it's Love.
Band/artist history
I've been playing the piano since I was five. By the age of seven I was playing uncut Beethoven and playing in statewide piano conpetitions. I never took first place but I received a bunch of second and third place awards. I started playing professionally at 22 and made my living as a performer throughout my twenties. I played in many club bands over the years and did the soundtracks for Read Radio in northern CA, sponsored by Project Literacy U.S. These were stories written by people who had learned to read through P.L.U.S. and were performed, recorded and produced into radio dramas (plays) which were broadcast. I've also done original music for art show openings, and a few jingles here and there. For the last few years, I've dedicated myself to writing only original music. For me that's where the power and the love lies, and I'm never happier than when I feel that magic flow through my soul and fingers and become something that vibrates through the air and is heard by other people. It is my gift, and my gift to the world, whatever the world may do with it.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Ocassionally, wherever I happen to be at the moment, clubs, churches, hotel lobbies, parties, colleges, auditoriums. I love it, when I'm onstage, I transform...the energy's amazing. THE Best Moment so far has to be getting to play Vladimir Horowitz's personal Steinway Concert Grand in the Spring of 2006. That was a totally spiritual experience, a peak moment of my life that I'll never forget. There is so much of his energy or spirit in that instrument, the only word I can find to describe it is amazing. I have never played like that in my life, doing these amazing crescendos and playing with a flamboyance I never had before. It was absolutely incredible, and the performance of my life so far. Thanks Vlad.
Your musical influences
Everyone. From Beethoven to the Beatles to Barenakedladies and everyone in between. Aaron Copland to Zeppelin. (A to Z)
What equipment do you use?
Yamaha piano, Tascam 2488, Sennheiser, Shure, Joe Meek and BeyerDynamic mics. Synths and rack gear from Korg, Yamaha, Kawai, Oberheim, Alesis and Furman.
Anything else?
I only hope my music makes people feel something. If it helps one person feel good or release something bottled up inside, then I've done my job. I also have a commercial music bed/voiceover I did at: http://www.motorcyclespeakers.net
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