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Heather Hutchison
Heather Hutchison
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Blending the seriousness of an adult with the vibrancy of a teenager in her lyrics and energy at the piano, Heather Hutchison is a nineteen-year-old singer, son
I'm a 19-year-old solo artist (solo for the most part, though sometimes I do perform with other bands/musicians). I am a singer, songwriter and pianist, though I do pick up other instruments on occasion (especially the guitar as of late). I released my first CD, "Hello" when I was sixteen. My second, "Charades" followed on December 1, 2007. Some of my music is available here and I hope you enjoy it. To hear more, please visit my official website: http://www.heather-hutchison.com. All my music is available on iTunes as well. Feel free to say hi - it'd be great to hear from you.
Band/artist history
Combining powerful, crystal clear vocals, haunting melodies and arresting, earnest lyrics that will not soon be forgotten, Edmontons piano-pop songstress Heather Hutchison has already embarked on an impressive musical journey, one which is far from coming to a close. She has accomplished a great deal for an artist with such a fresh career, since being chosen from hundreds of acts as a finalist in Albertas Talent Explosion in 2004 where she made the acquaintance of her now producer Brock Skywalker (formerly of the award-winning Edmonton band Captain Tractor). She released her first EP, Hello at the age of sixteen, books frequent shows throughout Alberta and seeks to tour extensively in the coming years. This young artist is poised and ready to build on her already impressive list of accomplishments. Heather was born blind, and from a young age, music was an integral part of her world. She spent much time in her early years making up her own melodies or picking out songs by ear on the piano, and grew up listening to a diverse array of artists such as Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Bette Midler, Alanis Morisette, Aretha Franklin and Burton Cummings. She cites later musical influences including Evanescence, Tori Amos, Sarah McLachlan, Vienna Teng, Sarah Slean, Joni Mitchell and Coldplay. Hints of these artists are evident in her music, but in the end, Heathers voice and songs, strikingly powerful and rich with honesty and emotion are her own. On her sofomoric release Charades, to be released on December 1st, 2007, Heather tackles the struggles and triumphs of life in an introspective and poignant manner. Theres the tongue and cheek Latin-tinged Taxi Driver, a song with a strong hook which pokes fun at the theoretical mishaps of a blind driver, or the upbeat and hopeful The One Thing I Can Promise that one cant help but sing along to. And on the other side of the spectrum, theres the heartbreaking Taking Back My Life, a ballad discussing the long and often difficult journey to forgiveness, speaking to an artist who has seen and understood more of life than her years would suggest. The new album boasts the talents of Canadian music veterans Stew Kirkwood, Brock Skywalker and some of Edmontons finest upcoming musicians who have helped to bring depth to this collection of songs. Throughout the years, Heather has gained experience performing in many venues throughout Alberta such as the Northlands Agricom, Reds, the Arden Theatre, the Roxy Theatre, the Jubilee Auditorium and the Yardbird Suite where she released Hello, performing before a near-capacity crowd. Her music has reached audiences from as far away as Australia, Spain, England and Japan. She has shared the stage with the likes of Ann Vriend, Brock Skywalker (Captain Tractor), Daisy Blue Groff (Painting Daisies) and Kris Demeanor. She has been featured in many newspaper articles, has had numerous performances and interviews broadcast on television and radio and has performed for such events as the Capital X, Waynefest and NextFest Emerging Artist Festival. Heather has frequently been described as an old soul, writing raw lyrics and haunting melodies beyond her years. Her ability to connect with audiences both young and old speaks to the universality of her message, and to a performer who touches the hearts of many. Heather Hutchison is a gifted artist whose musical journey has only just begun.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I do play live fairly often (though not as frequently as I'd like right now because of college). It is amazing and terrifying all at the same time. I'm kind of shy so an audience is a little scary, but connecting with people is incredible. The most amazing moments would have to be my first real public performance (at Reds in Edmonton) for a really prestigious talent competition and hearing I'd been chosen to continue on in the competition. Easily the most special performance I've ever had was at the CD release party for my first CD at the Yardbird Suite. The band I played with was amazing and all of my closest friends were there to celebrate this accomplishment with me. The whole evening was really special for me and something I'll never forget. Another (though it wasn't really a performance) was getting to perform for Jeff Healey backstage once. It was so incredible and he was one of the nicest people and most amazing musicians.
Your musical influences
Some of the biggest influences on my music would have to be: Amy Lee of Evanescence, Vienna Teng, Corrinne May, Tori Amos and Sarah McLachlan. And then there are all the musicians I have gotten the chance to perform and trade ideas with. Their dedication, passion and skill is truly inspiring.
What equipment do you use?
At home I play a Heintzman 6 ft grand. On the road I have to downsize a bit (haha) and am currently playing a Yamaha P120, which I like a lot for a keyboard. Then there are mics, monitors, soundboards and all that fun stuff that mostly depends on the venue.
Anything else?
I hope you enjoy my music! Please feel free to drop a line and introduce yourself, or if I'm playing a venue near you, please come out to one of my and say hi in person.
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