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ISC 2008: http://www.songwritingcompetition.com/Semi-Finalists_2008.htm Crazy Russian Folk'n'Roll Band Limpopo, all the way from Russia, but now Venice Beac
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ISC 2008 Immigrant Song Semi-finalists: http://www.songwritingcompetition.com/Semi-Finalists_2008.htm Whisperin & Hollerin www.feeldesign.co.uk 2002 - 2006 'LIMPOPO' 'Rybalochka' - Genre: 'Indie' - Release Date: '2006' Our Rating: Listening to Limpopo (http://www.limpopo.com) one cannot help but to be massively entertained. The most impressive thing about Limpopo is how much fun these guys are definitely having. If your house parties are getting a little bit dull and predictable, I beg of you to slip a little Limpopo into your stereo and see what happens. Your most crusty house guest will be up on the house top in their underwear with a beer bong, sucking down a dozen raw eggs, and screaming at any Italians in the crowd where Rocky can go and what he can do when he gets there. If you want to get to the essence of what Limpopo brings to the table, put in the title track. It will get you moving faster than an Olympic sprinter on a Starbucks bender. Then go to "Po Rumochke." That song should be played by any boss who wants to get any employee moving just a little faster. The only downfall to the great Limpopo is that I cannot in good conscience recommend anyone listen to them while driving. I was and it prompted me to do dangerous things in a half-ton moving vehicle. author: Adam Harrington
Band/artist history
Limpopo has its origins in Moscow since 1986. This group toured the former Soviet Union performing in some of its more famous theaters. At the peak of Limpopos fame there, Yuri & Igor emigrated to the United States with only two of the original cast at his heels. In 1991, Limpopo reformed in the States as a four-member folk and comedy troupe. They were very successful performing for audiences of all ages across Canada and the United States at music and comedy festivals, childrens festivals, clubs, and college campuses. In 1993, they competed on and won the Ed McMahons International Star Search band competition. In 1995, they showcased at The National Association for Campus Activities convention in Boston where over 150 colleges signed up to bring the band to their campuses! They were voted by readers of Campus Activities Today magazine as "Best Music Act for 1995". They were nominated for Group of the Year at the 1996 Kerrville Music Awards. They were featured in a long running national TV ad for KIT KAT candy bars which became a tongue-in-cheek anthem for them. L.A.s number one watched news program, KTLA Morning News, featured a live interview and performance of Limpopo and the Los Angeles Music Center on Tour proudly touts Limpopo as one of their most popular and celebrated artists. Recently, Limpopo has recorded music for a motion pictures. Their music is part of Icon May 30th. 2005 with Patrick Swayze, Melcolm In The Middle 2005 with Traffic In Moscow song, Euro Trip 2004" Blade 2 " 2002 " 15 Minutes " with Robert De Nero,"Armageddon ", "Somewhere in the City" starring Sandra Bernhardt and " Death By Pizza". Velvel Records has released the soundtrack for "Somewhere In The City"."Happy Face" with Ann Margaret and Henry Thomas, 1999. Limpopo has also written music for the Christmas Parade at the Universal Studios, 1998. Mark Mothersbaugh, of DEVO and one of todays top television and film composers, frequents local Limpopo shows and enthusiastically signed up to be on Limpopos mile long mailing list. Even Ronald and Nancy Reagan have enjoyed Limpopos celebration in music during a private welcoming party for the Gorbachevs. Special appearance for Paul Allens birthday with Bill Gates. The great Peter Ustinov loves Limpopo so much, he had them play at his own birthday party. Limpopo joined royalty when they entertained Julie Andrews and invited guests on her grand estate in Malibu. Jonathan Densmore, of the Doors, thought Limpopo so entertaining during one of their outdoor concerts, he slapped them a hefty check and was one of the first to join the ever-growing list of Limpopo fans everywhere.A song " In The Garden " from the fourth album " Limpopo Unplugged " made it to the final at the John Lennon Songwriring Contest . Limpopos show is a natural blend of rich, energetic Russian folk music, phenomenal original jazz and blues compositions, with some of the most breathtaking vocal arrangements ever heard. Limpopos mesmerizing, dynamic and outrageous dancing and magnificent costumes highlight each note and brighten every step. One cant help but love the high energy and spirit-raising phenomena that is Limpopo. Limpopo now released fifth album Rybalochka" 2006.All albums available by calling 310-428 7400 or sending your order in by e-mail at: Email: Limpopo@sprintmail.com The bands albums are also being distributed nationally & internationally at CDBABY.COM OR INDIE MUSIC STORE AND MANY MORE. Limpopo are all permanent residents of the United States, so they are here to stay and celebrate what they do best: delight and entertain! Long live Limpopo!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, mostly around US and Canada.And we do like it. There was a lot of special moments, one of them when we got hired by CIA agent to play for Reagans and Gorbachevs back in 90's in Santa Barbara.
Your musical influences
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