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mpls, USA
December 29, 2006
28,595 plays
" if you can't play fast, play slow" 11/25/09 I uploaded Ozone 4 I have begun mastering my favorite songs. there is a much to understand. hope my head does not explode.
Band/artist history
several bands starting in 1966 and hoping to start a new band in the future
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play live whenever and wherever I can. Jamming with my oldest mates is the best time. We end up doing versions of our favorites; segueing one and another until our fingers hurt.
Your musical influences
I love music spanning from the 1930's to the 1960's especially. I grew up listening to my parents music. my mom liked Harry Belafonte. my dad liked Fats Domino and cowboy music. I check in with all types of music .
What equipment do you use?
my favorite amp to mike is a 1958 Gibsonette. my instruments: strat plus 87', Hwy 1 tele, vintage lap steels, '36 Rickenbacher Model 59, '39 and '40 Epiphone Electars, Martin 16GTE dread acoustic, several Turkish ouds, and a Jerry Jones sitar/guitar. 90's Fender Vibrolux amp is my workhorse amp. I never go anywhere without my tube screamer (modded by analogman.com). I record with Lexicon Lambda and Cubase es4.
Anything else?
this is a riot. I enjoy listening to your music. thanks for listening to mine.
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way to hit it at 3:41. nice piece of work...dj/voss