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Krazy ATE
Krazy ATE
Fort McMurray, Canada
December 28, 2006
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Hey hey! It's ya boy Krazy ATE! I'm just lettin' everyone know (if anyone checks out my page) that I am working on some brand new tracks, with bigger and better beats, and lyrics to accommodate them! I'll have some of the old guests on this CD, and if all goes as planned, some brand new collaborations with some artists I haven't worked with before in the past! Keep checking back here, and on my myspace page (click the link in the "Anything else...?" column) for more info, tracks, and more! and at my official website
Band/artist history
Been Producing music, writing, and rapping since '04. Made an internet album called "E-Ville" released a few singles. Worked on a project with my friend neurotic on the group called K-otic, with a few tracks released. Just released another free internet album, with a few special CD's released to friends and family who personally asked me for a copy before I released it called "The EP" Working hard on my next full-length album to be released.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play house shows. Small concert bookings to look forward to in the future.
Your musical influences
Insane Clown Posse and the rest of Psychopathic Records, Tech N9ne, Necro, Rakim, NAS, Big L, Wu-Tang Clan, DMX, Gravediggaz, Tupac, Eazy-E, Ludacris, Old school Snoop, Marilyn Manson, Method Man. The beats of Timbaland, Fritz the Cat, Mike E. Clark, Neptunes, Lil' Jon.
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