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Python Robotics
Python Robotics
Cincinnati, OH  USA
December 23, 2006
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Python Robotics is a band consisting of interchangable members. The leader is Krukit Zin, a.k.a. DJ Skillz. This band consists of the use of rap, rock, industrial, and experimental. In this page there are tracks done by Skillz himself, followed by tracks done by Airste, leader of a crew called Night Runner. This band started off with the gathering of three members who started a band that ended up falling apart and it spawned new musical direction in all three members. Skillz taking the direction of experimental genre. I'll have more info later. Anyways enjoy the music! Python Robotics (Krukit Zin)
Band/artist history
It started with me writing poetry and then I started recording songs, b/c I grew a passion for music and I enjoy what I do! I plan on doing collaborations with other groups at some point too.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Sometimes we play as a band at local spots.
Your musical influences
Nine Inch Nails Depeche Mode P.O.D. KMFDM Skinny Puppy Ministry Tech N9ne Twiztid 2pac Biggie Smalls Nas Mobb Deep Eminem Nirvana Pearl Jam Stabbing Westward Death Cab For Cutie Postal Service Flamming Lips Jay-Z Linkin Park Fort Minor Limp Bizkit Rakim Godsmack Three Days Grace She Wants Revenge Thousand Foot Krutch
What equipment do you use?
Computer programs, (FL Studio and Cool Edit Pro), mic, and some instruments such as keyboard.
Anything else?
I'd appreciate any feedback on the songs. Also spread the word on this account. Support 'real' music! Python Robotics (Krukit Zin)
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