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Pete Marquardt
I write soundtrack-related game music, focused on Electronica and ambient styles.
19 songs
1.9K plays
The theme for an... uh... 'game' from Greased Pig Studios.
Welcoming fanfare as the Valhallan enter the ancestral hall.
Go West
Transition to West Side of Town
Flood Plain
This song plays during the game 'Beyond Our Limits,' a project put together by a good friend of mine.
Building Electronica, written for a friend.
I'm a standalone composer. I write music for video games, and I like nothing better than working with a dedicated team of people who have great ideas, talent, and a deepseated passion for bringing their vision and identity to life in an entirely fictional environment.
Band/artist history
The World's Fattest Bounty Hunter is a difficult man to pin down, known by many aliases and rarely seen in public. Some describe him thusly: "He was a courageous man, a good shot with a pistol, and quick on the pudding. I'll never forget, though, the day the Cantina was attacked by Blistering Sand Worms. He stood at his post while most of the staff ran for their lives. I watched from a helicopter a half-mile away and one thousand feet in the air as that building was sucked under the desert, never to be seen again. But do I believe he's dead? No. Not for a second." -Cpl. G. Portions Westermeyer, Inner Colonial Defense League "I once saw him kill four mercenaries with a single philosophical paradox. It wasn't pretty, but to their credit, not a one of them answered 'no' to the question." -Gianni "Sweaty Palms" Canton "The man came in here every day for three years while he hunted down the Rombus Bond-Dodger, but to this day I couldn't tell you what his usual meal was or which door he used." -Norman E. Graigus.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I don't play live, my best experience and talent lie with a good sequencer. That or maybe a harmonica.
Your musical influences
My biggest influences are Marty O'Donnell, Jack Wall, and Robyn Miller. Other artists who have influenced me are the Chemical Brothers (though I've only heard a bit of their stuff,) maybe some Wagner, a little Bach, and I always thought Beethoven looked like an awesome guy.
What equipment do you use?
Cakewalk Project5 Ver 2.5 (it's really fun giving people that name when they ask me what I use to compose.)
Anything else?
I'm looking for a really talented, really dedicated, and really unique cadre of individuals who work in the indie game sector, need a musician, and consider game-crafting an art. Because it is. If you want me to do some sample work to go with a project you're doing, contact me at halftherevii@gmail.com.
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