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Evolution X2
Evolution X2
1 Track
dance, electronica, beats, buzz, leads, pads, synth, speed, Evolutionx, evolution-x, evox, evo x, evo-x, hyperspeed
This is Dj Sparx with my awsome beats of Evolution X2. Check it yo!
Band/artist history
A long time ago I used to listen to rap; like really violent stuff that was all about drugs. This lead me to my first little band, which was just me writing lame rhymes in the middle of night. Of course, then i was a 9 yr. old nobody geek with one nasty sluggish friend. A time later I switched schools and then 2 yrs. later went back and rap came right back to eat the rest of my creative mind. Another 2 yrs. and were off again, but this time to Tennessee where i met the charactoristics by the name of Dignity, Confidence, and Self-Respect, and i also got a nice taste of punk-rock music, mostly consisting of green day and senses fail. BUt then i longed for the beats and went on unhappilly living in a cockroach infested house. Later on that year that ugly house burntdown, leaving me with no equipment (Even though it all sucked) From then i waited to get new stuff on christmas...But alls i got was a hand-me-down keyboard from my cousin. Later on i received a brand new yamaha keyboard from my dad, and gave my old one to my cousin Allen, who was very happy about that (We also tried to start a band). Sooner than enough i got my first skateboard, completely moving me from all music to just punk. Soon enough i was once again moving, back to Pa where rap was all that mattered. I soon moved to my favorite place that ive lived, Imperial, Pa. There i started living my guitar and keyboard, along with a few occasional stops to the skatepark. After a while, when we were going to move again, and this one gos to my grandmother's house, where i am now writing songs and stuff.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Unless you consider family parties, no.
Your musical influences
My biggest influence is probably DDR.
What equipment do you use?
My keyboard, mp3 player's recorder, and a casset recording studio.
Anything else?
Check out my band "Emergency Declaration" too for some punk. (coming Soon)