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I am a composer for film, media and video games. When between projects, I compose music for my own albums.
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Heathery Clouds
Heathery Clouds NO FADE
The Immaculate Empress
Across the Desert
The Traveler 610
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12 songs
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My name is Scott K. Haskin and I have been composing music for most of my life. I live in Phoenix, AZ and have released 18 albums to date and scored several films, video games, advertisements, etc.
Band/artist history
I played with many musicians over the years before settling comfortably into the studio. Styles ranged from rock to metal to country and jazz fusion. Back in those days, I was predominately a drummer and backing vocalist. Once in a while I would come out and play a little keyboard.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No, I am a composer, not performing at this time.
Your musical influences
Far too much to list here but my tastes range from Beethoven and Grieg, to Deep Purple and Uriah Heep, to Mythos and Incendio, to Chic Corea and Dream Theatre and, of course, Cirque Du Soliel Composers Rene Dupere and Benoit Jutras. As movie composers go, I would have to say Hans Zimmer, Stave Jablonsky, Philip Glass, Pieter Bourke and Lisa Gerrard.
What equipment do you use?
The main piece is still a Korg N264 Sequencer but it is mainly used as a controller now. The vast majority of recent sounds come from EastWest / Quantum Leap and the products they represent. I also have an Alesis QSR and just about every sound invented for it and a Roland BD-1, which still has some wonderful sounds. From time to time, I also use a Roland V-Club kit. For effects, I use Sonar and some outboard gear such as an Alesis Wedge & Midiverb 4 and a Sony DPS-V55. Vocal mic is an AT8035, mixer and EQ/compression are from Behringer. Sonar Studio 8 is the main source of capturing the sounds.
Anything else?
As I get the time to upload material, I would love to hear some feedback. I do not take offense to what some people call "negative feedback" unless it is obviously someone trying to be a jerk. I consider all other feedback positive if it is something you can learn from.
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