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Bob Doyle
Bob Doyle
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Bob Doyle creates ambient, new age, orchestral, soundtrack, and other electronic music.
Springtime Revisited - Mix 2
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Theme for The SHIFT
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The Times I Made You Cry
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Standard Deviation
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Slipping Into A Dream
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Bob Doyle is a "hide in the studio and work alone" musician. Working only with keyboards, he attempts to try his hand at a variety of different musical styles, inspired greatly by electronic artists and soundtrack composers. Music was at one time how Bob spent most of his time, but as his growing family demanded more time, his composing time dwindled. He is currently best known as the facilitator of the program, and was recently featured as a teacher in the movie .
Band/artist history
I got serious about really developing my music-writing about midway through college when I purchased a 4-track cassette recorder and a (get this) Yamaha DX-100. I can't believe I actually produced anything with that machine, but I did. That kept me going until I got a Korg M1 (I don't even remember the year), and that changed everything. Pianos actually sounded almost like pianos! Saxophones sounded pretty darned good, and well...you get the picture. I started sequencing with an Atari computer runing a program called "Sonus", and then eventually moved to Cubase 1.0, and I've been with Cubase ever since. The bulk of my music was writing in the very early 90's with the M1, then later the Korg X3, Ensoniq SQ-R, and eventually the Kurzweil K2000 (though not much of that shows up on anything I ever finished.) As mentioned, life got different and eventually, music got shelved. The only time I'd write and complete anything was as background music for "career-related" projects. Somewhere in 2007 something started calling to me, and while I still didn't find time to write, I somehow found time to spend money on new sounds, software, and hardware. In May of 2008 (actually as I type this), I took something of a sabbatical in Austin, Texas to get back into the habit of writing. I loaded up 2 guitars, a microphone, my Korg X3, a brand new computer loaded with sampler software and Cubase 4 Studio with the intention of experimenting and producing. And thats's what I did. While in Austin, I replaced the Korg X3 with an M-Audio MIDI controller because I needed weighted keys, as I'd gotten used to that through playing a "real" piano at home. This brings us to the present where I continue to commit to writing a little every day. Don't know exactly where it's taking me, but it sure feels good to be back in the game.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
The only time I ever played live was a new year's eve party at my home to usher in 1994. Luckily, no one was really paying much attention.
Your musical influences
I was originally inspired to start composing after hearing Jean-Michel Jarre's "Equinox" album. From that point, I discovered Vangelis and other electronic artists. I'm also very influenced in my writing by Danny Elfman. His quirky style is something that has always had a tremendous impact on me. Rachel Portman's soundtrack for Benny and Joon also influenced me greatly, as you'll hear in several of the tracks on my music page. I'm a huge fan of ambient music in general, and spend my working day playing it in the background almost exclusively.
What equipment do you use?
Currently working with an amazing computer built by ADK running Cubase Studio 4, and loaded with Native-Instruments Kontact 2, Garriton Personal orchestra, and the amazing Synthogy Ivory. All this controlled by the M-Audio Keystation 61 es running through the Saffire LE audio interface. And although I haven't recorded a lot of guitar so far, I'm also carrying a Washburn 6-string acoustic-electric, and an Ovation 12-string (recently purchased, and the guitar I always wanted as a kid. Dream come true. :) )
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