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Primum Mobile
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Layers and layers.
Breaking The Fever
Today #12 in Shoegaze subgenre
What You Look At Disappears
Peak position #25
Primum Mobile (1/10/23: Changed name to Noise to the Future- check it out on Spotify, Apple Music & m.facebook.com/100087153173987 ) is a solo project that was started by Scott Carey. In 1995 I finally got myself a 4 track recorder. I put out my first (seriously)-low budget- independent album called "Emotional Experiment" Being very limited with tracks and money, I had to be very creative to get the lush/melodic sound I was searching for. So, this is where my obsession for layering, and atmospheric noise began to develope- fill in the gaps-so to speak. Next album "Anhedonia" was done on a 8 track. Much more experimental, and progressive-layered quite a bit. New album "What You Look At Disappears" 16 track recorder. Update: 3/1/22. Still making music. Check out some recent tracks over on my Reverb Nation page. I hope that you are well whomever you are. Thank you for being here. Take care, Scott Carey
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play around the RDU area of NC. I love a good connection when i'm playing, it reminds me to live a little.
Your musical influences
Smashing Pumpkins/Radiohead/Slowdive/Mum/Lush/Sigur Rios/LadyTron/M83/Depeche Mode/KLF/Sonic Youth/Bright Eyes/Mazzy Star/Beach House..etc...
What equipment do you use?
Space station pedal/delay pedal/Moog Fooger pedal/yamaha sampler/dr.groove drum machine/lots of analog keyboards.
Anything else?
New name: "Noise to the Future". m.facebook.com/100087153173987 https://www.reverbnation.com/NoisetotheFuture On Tik Tok as well.