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It's electronica in various styles: trance, progressive, house, deep house, lounge, techno, ambient, mind flying sounds!!!
Well, I'm a solo DJ. I do Electronica and Reggaeton music. My beats have a great variety, but at the same time you just know it's from me, because of its style.
Band/artist history
My name is Fernando, I was born in Kentucky, U.S.A. but I..m 100% Boricua (from Puerto Rico) and I live in Humacao, Puerto Rico. I started off in music in the year 2002, playing the drums, I was in a couple of ..garage bands... In 2003 I gained some interest for the musical gender Reggaeton, just because of its sensual drum beat and rythym that points it out. Therefore in 2004 I started to produce reggaeton beats. I got interest in making music when I went to a party and was put as DJ for some time. I started off as a disaster, but don..t we all? Getting better I joined with a friend of mine called Omar and we started producing beats, our duo was called ..TOMY JERRY.., we gained our little fame throughout the internet, but he was a little lazy so we each went out separate ways. I kept producing music, which was my thing, and he kept doing his thing, which was being actual party DJ. In 2005 I was almost grasping what maybe considered maturity in music production. Fame? I have a little underground fame around, many new artist us my beats for just singing, jingles, or DEMOs. Recently I..ve worked with a lot of people to make my music public, like Pina Records, New Records Entertainment, etc.. A little ..dissing me.. , but that..s the way I suppose. Later on I can laugh at their faces when I..m on top I guess. Actually I just don..t do Reggaeton beats, Im also involved in the gender of TRANCE and some techno. Have you heard of me? Maybe you..ve listen to me in REGGAETON 94.7 with my reggaeton mix of Don Omar titled ..INTOCABLE.., or in MEGAMIX with some of my TRANCE beats.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
When asked to. I love the feeling that of having-a-good-time-crowd vibes back!!!
Your musical influences
Luny Tunes, Nelly, Rafy Mercenario, Tainy, Eliel, DJ Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk, etc.
What equipment do you use?
My computer, Synths, FL Studio, studio speakers.
Anything else?
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