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Immigrint Song Cover
The guitarist, Tom Acosta ,won the best guitar solo contest on W.R.F., the largest rock in Detroit. The shows producer said it it had a real Joe Satriani vibe. Hailing from DETROIT, we bring it all the time. If you like raw uninhibited guitar rock with a Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page Zakke Wylde, vibe. Crank it up and download while you still can. I have hooked up with several incredible musicians that have sparked my creative mojo. If you like the dark, funky, menacing and dirty sounds of Detroit guitar rock, this is for you. Stay Tuned! We have several new tracks that will make you want more!
Band/artist history
After trading My Jackson Randy Rhoads for my first Les Paul my tone and style changed in 1999. It was magical. I found my own sound and I HAD TO START RECORDING. From shred back to my roots of hard southern rock and maximum rhythm and Blues. With in weeks I purchased a four track and a drum machine and so on and on. Within a Month of recording my first demo, I won the Motor City Best Guitar solo WRIF contest at the largest rock station in Detroit. Not to shabby just using a 4 track cassette. I posted my music on MP3.com and made some serious cash from downloads and CD sale and bought 16 Track. I have been jamin with a couple of incredible musicians. We have recorded about 15-20 new tracks to test my production skills. I really has a Zeb Sabbath vibe which is ironice as I was a Zep head and a Black Sabbath freak as A kid with a Hendrix / Skynyrd vibe. After laying low for several years I hooked up with a couple of great musicians ( Sam and Jeff) who I believe had same vision and multi instrument talents that I do. This was the spark I needed to get back to recording on a regular basis. I hope you dig it half as much as I do kickin it out!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, I have been playing out for the last two years at open jams. I have met and jammed with many incredible musicians and made many friends. Check out the photo and video section to see the good times, friends and jams. The amount of talent in Metro Detroit is incredible. For years I was into recording and producing. Many times playing all the instruments. Playing live and recording are two different things. I love them both and have been in play mode for the last few years. Its fun to get out.
Your musical influences
My favorite bands are The Beatles, The Who, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath, Kid Rock, and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Being a Guitarist my biggest influences are Skynyrd, Black Sabbath Jimi Hendrix, Randy Rhoads, Jimmy Page, Joe Satriani and Billy Gibbons. There are really too many to list but you get the idea. Its got to be really greasy and have feel! For most baby boomers it was The Beatles on Ed Sullivan.. For me it happened when I was about 5-6 when my brother brought home a cassette boom box on leave from Vietnam and I heard Sgt, Pepper and connected the words on the back of the album cover that was laying around. It was like the Wizard of Oz of music, colorful, whimsical, dark, brooding reflective and in the now. At the end of A Day In the Life, the tape stopped, the radio kicked on cue Sgt Pepper Reprise. FREAKED ME OUT! Pretty heavy for a 6 year old kid, with all the faces on the album cover. It was like my life flashing by in song. My 2nd phase was Tommy by The Who when I was eight, because my name is Tommy I felt like they were talking directly to me. A connection I never forgot. I know now why kids from the 60's thought The Beatles were talking directly to them. 3rd Phase before I picked up an instrument. The Stones, the look sound, swagger, punk attitude and lewdness. 4th Phase.. At 13 in 1977 The Motor city Madman Ted Nugent was on top of the world and compelled me to pick up a guitar. As they say the rest is history.
What equipment do you use?
Gibson LES PAUL 1960 Classic, Standard, Mexican Strat, Explorers, Ibanez RG Series, Epiphone Cherry Dot and Les Paul Standard, Line 6 POD, Vox, Crate Amps, Korg D16 track, PDP Drums with Sabian Cymbals. Octavia 2001 Mics, Shure Mics, Beringer Tube Ultra gain Pre-Amp and Sonic Foundry Software.
Anything else?
I am always listening and tweaking my music for hours. Im kind of shocked by the stuff I did 10-15 years ago. Back before there were guitar tabs if you wanted to learn something you had to wear out the record until you got that guitars players vibe and chops it. Here are some albums I wore out until I got that players Riffs. Led Zeppelin I, II and IV Black Sabbath I, Paronoid and Heaven and Hell Ozzy Osbourne Blizzard and Diary Judas Priest Screaming for Vengence Ted Nugent First Album Joe Satriani Surfing with an Alien and Flying in a Blue Dream Guns and Roses Appetite for Destruction Jimi Hendrix The Essential Jimi Hendrix Gary Hoey Best Of and Christmas Series Lynyrd Skynyrd BOX SET is my ALL TIME FAVORITE Kid Rocks First two Albums great guitar chops. Best of Santana Im just a woodshedder that decided it was time to for me to express myself. Hope you like it half as much as I did creating it!!
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