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Mournful Grace
Italian Doom/Death Metal band.
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La nobiltà del fallimento
Band/artist history
Mournful Grace was formed by Luca (guitars) and Eugenio (vocals)*, in January 2004. After two months Francesco (Historiae, bass) and Mariano (FinisHominis, drums) join the band, and some weeks later also join Luana (keyboard); but the band soon lose Luana: she wasn’t really interested in Doom and the band didn’t really need a keyboard player. After 4 months of rehearsing and writing, the sound of Mournful Grace was starting to take a definite style: a raw Doom/Death influenced by early My Dying Bride and Paradise Lost, and a particular attitude to mix slow, mournful and droning moods with blast beat and atmospheric parts. The band’s debut came with “A Season Of Eternal Sadness”, a low-budget self-production, recorded and mixed in only three days. A great experience for a less-experienced band. The result didn’t sound really good and, at the end of the recording sessions, the band stayed on hold for about two months. A lot of webzines published reviews, sometimes with opposite thoughts. This kind of contrasting reviews made a strange mood in the band. “A Season Of Eternal Sadness” showed good abilities and a lot of problems. Historiae decided to leave the band because he needed a different creative space to achieve his aim: release the long waited EP of his solo project. FinisHominis played with the band for another month, then he also left the band to join first S.I.B. (South Italian Bastards) and then Ultimo Mondo Cannibale. One year after its birth, the band seemed to be dissolving and coming back to the dark abyss of depression that generated it. Luca started to play in Qerkaringa (a folk/black/epic metal band) but, at the same time, he kept in writing songs for Mournful Grace. Two unreleased tracks were recorded between January a June 2005: “...the Blindness That Makes This Light” (the first MG song inspired by a Yukio Mishima’s work, “The Temple of the Golden Pavilion” [Kinkakuji]) and “Fog Of Solitude” . These were provisional tracks composed and arranged to evolve the raw sound of early times and follow the “atmospheric” way of the last song of the demo “An Eternal Season Of Sadness”: synth tracks, harsh vocals, desolation and tricks like hidden and reverse message. A new period of stasis follows this creative sessions. A lot of musicians tried to take place in the band during this period, but none got the right mood and attitude to bring new life to the project. The MG original core lived during the summer of 2005 the worst period of his existence. Then the Fall came and something changed. A new drummer, a second guitarist and a bassist joined the band, and with this drastically reformed line-up, the band got the will to made something new. Logistical problems stopped the works after just one rehearsal session. Depression, sadness...the chill was numbing the band and the end of the project seemed to be real another time. The winter with his sharp and cold sickle was trying to reap MG but didn’t reach it. On January 2006 Eugenio and Luca decided to involve in the project, Enrico (Eugenio's Brother) who already played bass in Qerkaringa and with him the band started rehearsing. The result of this rehearsal sessions were a bunch of songs, with more personality and stronger style than ever. On March 2006 Historiae, after the release of his first EP “Genus MMV” proposed Eugenio to record a 7” split. MG on the same month started to arrange and record “La Nobiltà del Fallimento”: the song has been chosen because it was the shortest song (“only” 8 mins.). Born in the rehearsal session, it was the most suitable for a 7 inches vinyl. On September 2006 the song was released and is currently available on this website, and on the Historiae internet space. The others unreleased tracks of that sessions are actually under development and will appear on a EP scheduled for the next year.
Your musical influences
Our musical influeces includes almost all styles of Metal with a strong reference to early '90 English Doom/Death bands (Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride, Anathema), and many others more or less traditional Doom Metal bands.
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