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Purple Tree
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Purple Tree, New York Retro Rock Band. Original Underground Music with a touch of Psychedelic.
Got to be Free
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Purple Tree is a retro rock band performing original songs in the New York and Chicago area. Their latest CD release is entitled '', and contains popular songs such as '', '', and '' to name a few. Listeners can visit for free music and video downloads. Many Chicago-Land locals remember the band from their powerful psychedelic concept album '', but digging deeper we begin to learn more about the Purple tree project...
Band/artist history
David Perry (Singer/Songwriter for Purple Tree) originally concocted a unique album based upon a troubled man from an alternate dimension who gets stuck in our world and whose story we learn through "flashback" songs after his death by suicide. This was the project that spawned the birth of the rock band ‘Purple Tree’. Although Perry's abstract 17-song concept CD, "Plasticine Man," first came together as a solo project in early 2001, it quickly became a crowd favorite as performed by the newly formed ‘Purple Tree’. Born the son of a classical accordion teacher and a professional touring musician, it would seem that music was in Perry's genes and with the training of his mother, Perry began playing accordion at age 3 and by the time he was 12, had competed in dozens of competitions for which earned more than 50 trophies. Although he still pulls out the accordion on stage for a pair of songs from "Plasticine Man," his fascination with the instrument was displaced by the piano at age 14. "That's when I discovered Jerry Lee Lewis and started playing piano," he said, noting his desire to learn guitar did not set well with his mom, so he settled for piano. "I really, really got into the Beatles and John Lennon a lot about that time and Pink Floyd, too. Those are my biggest influences." Perry has since learned guitar and plays rhythm to Boilek's lead in the group on many songs. While the Floyd elements of his youth fancy came out in "Plasticine Man," his Beatles roots emerged earlier in the self-titled solo CD he recorded in the late ‘90s. "That first CD was just old-fashioned rock ‘n' roll," he reflected, "with some rockabilly and a lot of Beatles-like songs." Both of his CDs feature songs that were written exclusively by Perry. The original line up of 'Purple Tree' consisted of David Perry, Jeremy Boilek, Steve DeLassus, and Mark Miller. Along with ‘Plasticine Man’, the band has recorded several live disks, and video tapes presenting the unique originality encapsulated within ‘Purple Tree’. Most recently David has released the concept album 'the Final Prophecy' about a man whom some believe to be schizophrenic. His apparitions heed warning and prophecy about "the Ending Days". Is he really crazy, is it just a dream? Listen for yourself. The story is told in the background of this psychedelic trip layered with vintage keyboards and high fidelity tracks. The CD was written, arranged, produced, and complied by David using drum tracks recorded by Chuck Kawal at Studio Chicago and New tracks recorded by David at the Purple Tree House.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
The Project plays live around New York City, and the Chicago area. Although we enjoy playing live, we usually reserve spring and summer for our performance slots. Bringing our music to the people is fulfilling on a whole new level to us. Getting the crowd dazzled is our specialty. As far as special moments you can usually expect to see David break out his accordion, as the band will start to improvise. There are some good examples of this on our page.
Your musical influences
Purple Tree’s Music has been influenced by Pink Floyd, and the Beatles a great deal! Our other influences include Radiohead, Bob Dylan, Black Sabbath, King Crimson, Jellyfish, Phish, Grateful Dead, Galactic, Alan Parsons Project, Julian Lennon.
What equipment do you use?
Farfisa Compact Duo, Juno 60, Fender Rhodes, Hammond, Yamaha YC45D, Roland XP series, Epiphone Casino to name a few.
Anything else?
Thank you for listening to ! If you like Pink Floyd or the Beatles you will most likely enjoy our music. We don't charge for MP3 downloads so spread the word.