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8 Tracks
Nodding to Don in 7-5-5-4-5
Peak in sub-genre #33
November Twisted
Peak in sub-genre #60
Utopian Heights- Phantasm, Ascent, Ingress
Peak in sub-genre #71
Timeless Enigma (1980)
Peak in sub-genre #52
Welcome to my musical space on the net! Though this is not really a band, it is a collection of my music which may have been done with different people or bands. I hope you enjoy the music.
Band/artist history
I started piano lessons in fourth grade. By fifth, like a typical kid, I lost interest in lessons. Skipping ahead by about 8-10 years, I thought I would give the bass guitar a try. Growing up in the 60s, I liked the top 40 of that time, which included the music of James Brown. This had to be what directed me to the bass- Cold Sweat has this killer bass line that just makes your toes tap uncontrollably. So do many of his other hits of that time. Wilson Pickett's Funky Broadway was another of my favorites! By the 70s, I was into the jazz-rock sound like Chicago, BS&T, Tower of Power, etc. In the late 70s I met and rented a room from a drummer who opened my musical eyes even further by introducing me to prog rock- music like Genesis, Gentle Giant, Yes, Mahavishnu Orchestra. My musical world transformed! We had a band for a short while. We were Overhead (in 1979, we had the name first!) and we played original prog music. I played bass and some piano, then we split up. Unusual, eh? In 95 I started writing music again in MIDI, and then I bought keyboards and started to write again in real time. Being a Gentle Giant fanboy, I am on the Gentle Giant internet list. I thought that GG music attracts a lot of musicians, and thought there may be many really good ones right there on the list, so I suggested we put together a CD. Well, I was amazed! We put together a double CD in 2004, Only Giants Will Do. In 2005, we did Giant for an Hour. That one was so good, we put it up on CD Baby. It's exciting to have it played on internet prog radio and to see it sold all over the world! Kudos to the musicians that play on that CD! Giant for Another Hour, our 2006 release, is following the same footsteps. Our latest is A Reflection, and all are available at CD Baby at . You can hear generous samples there as well. I would also like one day to record my own CD, and Glenn Liljeblad and I have some plans lurking around our lives to do that. I think we have some good ideas, and would love to collaborate with other musicians, especially a drummer.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I haven't played live in waaaaay too many years.
Your musical influences
My main influences are of the prog and jazz genres. Gentle Giant, Genesis, UK, Bill Bruford, Earthworks, Jeff Berlin, Allan Holdsworth, Steve Hackett, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Chopin, and many more.
What equipment do you use?
Bass: Kraemer (circa 1980) Keys: Roland Fantom X 8, Yamaha DXG-203
Anything else?
The CDs you see where some of my music came from were compilation projects from the Gentle Giant forum. THEY CAN BE HEARD ON: Samples at
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